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Dai-Do No. 3
Manufacturer: Big Teaze Toys

Dai-Do No. 3


When customers pick up the box, they will know the Dai-Do No. 3 is different from other items on the market. There is some serious heft here, courtesy of the construction from aluminum alloy and stainless steel, but not so much that it becomes prohibitive to use. This dildo is designed for penetration, but can also be used to massage and stimulate the clitoris or anus. The flowing, wave-like design of the shaft is perfect for teasing and taunting. A bulbous head and wide base are added aesthetic and functional features. The Dai-Do No. 3 can be used in hot/cold sensation play, and it is available in two sizes to satisfy the beginner or advanced user. Let customers feel the smooth, cool surface and touch the enclosed satin carrying bag to make an easy sell that much easier.

MSRP: $$$

Materials: Aluminum alloy and stainless steel

Colors: Black, red

Display: Shelf