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Tokyo Cream Puffs 6

Tokyo Cream Puffs 6

Released Sep 27th, 2010
Running Time 141 Min.
Director Ed Hunter
Company Third World Media
DVD Extra None
Cast Others, Yuri Aine, Nozomi Kahara, Ayumi Kisa
Genres All-Sex, Ethnic - Asian, Interracial



Yuri Aine is our super cute cover girl. She is 22 but looks much younger. She is constantly smiling and giggling as she introduces herself to us. She has long hair and a slim, tight body. She is very sensitive to the touch and admits to being addicted to sex. Her nipple tips perk with the slightest of stimuli and stand stiff at attention, as they beam off of her tiny breasts. Her J-slice is all original and naturally furry, with long silky strands leading straight down to and completely encompassing her tight pooper. Her pussy lips are dark and meaty but her clit is bright pink, as it makes its debut appearance from behind her fuzz and fleshy curtains. The big J-vibe gets her juices flowing, along with a couple of fingers he crams in and out of her. She cums and squirts and orgasms multple times. She spreads his legs and takes a taste of his asshole before making her way down his legs to suck on his toes. She mounts his cock in cowgirl and rides it hard, thrusting her hips and deep plunging his cock in and out of her. Her hairy Japanese clam shell chews up his pole and then sucks up a creamy batch that sticks to her thick lips, before she punctures her own seal, straddles him and drains the remainder out on his chest. Yuu Sakura is tall, skinny and very exotic looking. She takes a shower and drops the soap to stuff a finger or two in her sudsy J-hole. She cums hard in the shower and then changes into a school girl gym uniform commonly referred to as "Bloomers" in Japan. She is braless and her perky nipples are on end poking into the soft cotton fabric. A large high tech J-vibe gets her pussy juices flowing, as she screams and starts to cum over and over again. Her body tightens as she cums and continues to have orgasms and spasms well after the stimulation is done. Her pussy is so sensitive it can hardly be touched, before a hairy J-rod slowly plugs it full of pipe. She moans and squeaks while she foams up and excretes a good portion of her own cream, before replenishing with a healthy serving of his. He loads her full of thick cream, which streams from her pussy and flows straight into her puckering butt hole. Nozomi Kahara is wearing the miniest of mini skirts with her pink panties showing off. The skirt is white and see through so it shows her panties off to anyone wanting to take a peek. Her boyfriend holds the camera as he gets her undressed, starting with her juicy ass and puffed up, pre-lubed J-puss. Her tits are young and fresh and her nipples are pink. Her pussy is soft and sappy inside, as she gash gobbles a couple of fingers before orally gobbling up the stiff dick he feeds her. The super J-vibe gets her panting, as it barrels over her puffy slice and protruding clit. She cums from the vibrator and then gets off even more as she swallows a cum blast with her Japanese made vacuum cleaner. Cum collects on the outside of her hole and slowly drips its way down to her ass slice, while her boyfriend picks out all the remaining globs. Ayumi Kisa is kinda cute with an 80s haircut and a silly smile. Her tits are small but her raisinettes are fat and perky. She knows what the big J-vibe is capable of and respects its powers, as it steamrolls its way through her bushy turf. She lets her tongue rest on some nut sack, as she licks from his ass crack up and down the tip of his dick. She hops on top and does all the work, fucking his cock with her hairy monster. Static electricity is in the air, as her pubic strands stand up and salute the upcoming onslaught of sperm that marches its way deep inside her before retreating and running back out of her. She showers and washes away all the goo.

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