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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Rocco Animal Trainer 31

Rocco Animal Trainer 31

Released Dec 02nd, 2009
Running Time 141 Min.
Director Rocco Siffredi
Company Rocco Siffredi Productions
Distribution Company Evil Angel
Cast Rocco Siffredi, Leo Galvez, Candy Alexa, Samy (IV) (Romanian), C.J. (IX) (Romanian), Yoha, Cristal (II) (Russian), Alexa Bold, Cristian Devil, Tina Gabriel, Toni Ribas, C.J., Lexi Belle, Omar Galanti, Denis Marti, Eliska Cross



Rocco and his crew of rough-sex-lovin Euro-scallywags go crazier than ever in this high-energy romp through the occasionally dark side of recreational sex. Rocco also indulges his taste for loud and fast vehicles: How many pornos this month open with a bald slut in a military outfit roaring up on her motorcycle to Roccos helicopter yes, helicopter to castigate the mechanics for working too slow? Burr-headed cocksucker C.J. may talk a mean game, but when she gets bent over the cockpit and starts getting her anus licked four guys later, shes a little less mouthy. Then Rocco and the extremely untrustworthy but highly entertaining Omar Galanti celebrate life by fucking the living hell out of the truly resilient Alexa Bold and Tina Gabriel. Next, Rocco performs some extreme classic leather-and-bondage toy atrocities on super-sexy Samy with the aide of a dommed-up Eliska Cross who ends up getting her share of anal abuse! American goo-goo gal Lexi Belle pops up just in time for Toni Ribas to wipe the giggle off her face (with his dick). Finally, big-boobed bicyclists Cristal and Candy Alexa ride up looking for Rocco but that horny Omar cock-blocks by charming the girls with a dip in the pond before he dips his cock into their blooming assholes. The disc includes behind-the-scenes footage, cumshot recap, photo galleries, and trailers.Scene one: Burr-headed bitch C.J. is cruising on her motor tricycle to the helicopter landing area on Roccos estate to check on progress on helicopter repairs. She bitches at the workers; in response one takes off with her ride, while another guides her to the cockpit, bends her over and starts licking her ass. Reverting to her slutty nature, C.J. gives an aggressive, rod-swallowing BJ to the mechanic, making sure its stiff enough to go up her ass. Meanwhile, back in the playroom at Roccos estate, the Italian Stallion has started exploring brunette Eurasian sluts Yohas dark curves, jamming two fingers up her ass and cleaning them off in her mouth. He discovers her nipple piercings, to his excitement. Denis Marti and Cristian Devil arrive with a helicopter update on their stolen motorbike, but are immediately distracted by the sight of the half-naked moaning Yoha. Rocco asks if his buddies can do her, and in seconds Marti is balls-deep in her throat. She executes a messy, sincere double BJ before getting bent over so Cristian can fuck her ass from behind while Denis continues to enjoy her charms at the other end. The guys fuck her ass and mouth simultaneously through several positions until C.J. appears, having made her way back from the landing pad. She masturbates while watching the threesome, until finally joining in. Grabbing the cock out of Yohas ass with both hands, she slurps on it before replacing it in her hole. Cristian starts licking and sucking C.J.s asshole while she continues to service the couple in front of her, spanking cheeks and munching on balls. Then C.J. gets ahold of Yoha, eating her out and fucking both her ass and cunt with her fingers while her own pussy is being filled from behind. Then Denis and C.J. pair off, as do Cristian and Yoha. Once C.J.s mouth is full of cum, she snowballs it into the prone Yohas mouth even as Cristian continues to sodomize her. Then both girls suck the spew from his prick and share it together.Scene two: Omar Galanti and Rocco are strolling down the street, trying to pick up girls by telling them they look like famous movie actresses. Your pick-up techniques are not working, Omar points out, and puts on a black cape and fangs to amuse Alexa Bold and Tina Gabriel, who had turned their nose up the moment before. It turns out Omar knows the girls and the jokes on Rocco. They all go back to his place, where the blonde and brunette Eurowhores put on a show for the guys, kissing and squeezing their natural tits together. Alexa eats out Tina and then has the favor returned, as Rocco reaches in an occasional hand to grope or choke. Then Omar strides forward and the two girls go to work on his cock with impressively synchronized teamwork fellatio, one getting face-fucked while the other eats his ass. Thing get kinky when Omar pulls a stocking over Alexas head and stuffs an inflatable dildo between her tits and into her mouth and starts pumping it up. Omar uses the other leg of the stockings to cover Tinas face and connect the two. Once theyre disconnected, he bends Tina over for some serious doggie assfucking. Alexa watches and masturbates before crawling over to offer ATM duty. Graduating to life of the party, Alexa is wrapped up with red packing tape and gets the doggie-sodomy treatment while Tina watches. He finally busts his nut in Tinas mouth, cramming the extra slop into Alexas mouth. The two girls lick the collected fluids off each others faces and breasts.Scene three: Breathtakingly exotic Romanian teenager Samy is plucking the petals from a flower as Rocco avidly dogs her. When shes finished he pushes her down on a bouquet of violets in his yard and stuffs a flower in her mouth, then spanks her, asking if shes sure she wants to go through with it. It turns out to be a rough SM session with Rocco and short-haired brunette domme Eliska Cross. First they put a bondage hood on Samy and fill her mouth with an inflatable butt plug, pumping it up until the poor girl cant breathe. Letting up a bit, Rocco tears her dress open and pushes her to her knees; she tries to suck his cock, but he insists on her being passive while he jams his cock down her throat and Eliska pushes the back of her head forward. Twisting her tits, Rocco offers her the chance to stop, but shes made of sterner stuff. Rocco drags her into the next room, yanks off her hood, and then turns to Eliska: Its your turn. He tries to chain her up, but she begs, no chain and starts sucking his cock. He twists her tits, rips off her clothes, and spanks her ass while shoving his face into it. He has Samy eat her ass while he spanks the Romanian teens rear before showing her how to hold a glass dildo in her mouth and fuck the other girls ass with it. Then the golfball-sized anal beads come out, and Rocco puts them in and pulls them out as Eliska dutifully continues to suck his cock. Then he begins to sodomize her, abusing Samy simultaneously, threatening that, I will paint your face with her shit as he pushes her face into Eliskas ass even as he jams his own cock in there. Next, he takes Samy for a solo ride, fucking her ass hard and making her beg for it. He swings her into cowgirl anal; Eliska crawls over to suck Roccos shaft even as it pumps away. She spreads Samys cheeks and helps push his cock deeper, and in reward gets to screw the beauty up her ass with her strap-on. Rocco climbs on top of the pile and sodomizes Eliska even as her plastic prick is still buried in the other girls ass. After a round with Eliskas ass, Rocco shoves some huge play pearls up it, then deposits them in Samys mouth, jerking off over the whole mess as Eliska licks it all up.Scene four: Rocco makes a stop in L.A. to set up blonde, Betty Boop type Lexi Belle with Toni Ribas while hes there. She chirps lots of dirty talk as Rocco molests her poolside POV-style. She offers herself up but Rocco takes her inside to meet Toni, whos busy on the phone like all important porn studs always are. Lexi sees some antique candy machines in the living room and demands candy, but nobody has change to make the machine work. I want candy, she pouts, so Toni distracts her by sucking her toes and massaging her ass. She gives Toni a naked lap dance and puts his hand around her neck. Do you wanna choke me? I like that, she purrs. Oh my Gott! Rocco exclaims. Toni takes control of the situation and hand-fucks the little slut, making her squirt in record time. She demands his cock, and he lets her gurgle and gag away, even as he sucks her toes. They fuck in missionary and cowgirl positions, Toni holding her hands behind her back while he pumps away, slapping her ass. She climbs on for reverse-cowgirl, breathlessly telling him, Im just using your cock, Im going to come all over it! After she does, Toni comes all over her face.Scene five: Candy Alexa and Cristal bike over to Roccos place. They find Omar Galanti paddling his canoe in the pond, and lure him over by pulling out their breasts. Wheres Rocco? they purr. What about me??? he exclaims, just before they push him in the water when he tries to grab their boobs. He asks for help getting on the dock and then pulls Cristal into the water with him. They crawl up, both soaked, Omars face already glued to Cristals butt. He grabs brunette, huge-breasted Candy for some nuzzling, and Cristal pushes them both into the water. All three stand half-naked and wet on the dock, embracing. In the cabana, Omar lines up both girls asses and does an extended taste-testing experiment, sticking his tongue in their already present gapes. He slips his dick into Cristal, ass-fucking her furiously through doggie, standing and reverse-cowgirl positions, while Candy watches and masturbates. She breaks into the action by crawling over and accepting Omars cock into her mouth for a few strident jabs before he throws her to the deck and starts doggie-fucking her while making out with Cristal, who also performs ATM service. The trio spends the afternoon ass-fucking and throat-choking through various positions until Omar strokes a few jolts each of semen into the girls mouths, which they then snowball.

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