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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Buttmans Stretch Class 03

Buttmans Stretch Class 03

Released Oct 27th, 2009
Running Time 225 Min.
Director John Stagliano
Company Buttman Magazine Choice
Distribution Company Evil Angel
Cast Sophie Dee, John Stagliano, Kelly Divine, Kitty Bella
Critical Rating AAAA



BUTTMAN`S STRETCH CLASS 3 is the third chapter in legendary gonzo genius John Staglianos video diary of his extremely intimate and sexually revealing butt-centric encounters with todays hottest gonzo queens and fetish princesses. Buttman holds an ongoing dialog with the lasses, unearthing their own personal fetish experiences and desires even as he introduces their breathtaking anatomies to his spectacular collection of dildos, buttplugs and, gnomes. Amazonian Kelly Divine is amused and provoked as her ultra-plus size bum is dressed-up, stripped-down, pried open and stretched to Buttmans demanding specifications. Kitty Bella is a raven-haired Florida teenager with mouth-watering natural hangers and a firm tropical ass just begging to be pinched, squeezed and decorated with clothespins (and thats just the warm-up). Finally, British cream queen Sophie Dee bowls Buttman over with some super-kinky pussy play that leads to some very messy toy-assisted exhibitionism. The disc includes photo galleries.Scene one: Kelly Divine arrives at Buttmans studio and immediately bowls him over with her larger-than-life curves, from her toes to the swell of her calves to her massive deep-dish ass. He breathlessly surveys the terrycloth-covered territory, coaxing Kelly to pop her ass cheeks at the camera before taking her on a tour of the premises that ends up in the playroom. Her full breasts beckon him: My hand...I hope you dont mind... Kelly smiles a genuine grin: I like to be touched. Buttman works slowly but consistently at amping up the heat, documenting and abetting as the tawny slut changes from outfit to outfit, shows off for the camera, lets herself be stripped and groped and clamps half a dozen clothespins to her labia! From this point on, the scene goes wild, nasty and very personal, as Kelly spits up all over herself while deep-throating the Gnome and happily ass-rapes herself with Johns assortment of exotic toys. And thats barely the half of it! In front of her most appreciative, perverted audience ever, Kelly puts on the performance of her young life, until John says, Theres only one more stunt I want to do and were done... An unforgettable scene for all true ass-fetishists!Scene two: Buttman is in Fort Lauderdale, and meets up with raven-haired beauty Kitty Bella in a high-rise hotel room. Only 19 and of Italian background, Kitty has a superb pair of hangers that dangle out of the loose top of her pink dress. John pinches her dark, fat nipples, earning a volley of giggles from the teen siren. Next, she learns how to hike up her dress and do a proper ass spread, with wedgie and camel-toe instructions included. By the time Kittys down to her baby-blue underwear, exposing her Bob Marley tattoo, the erotic tension is exquisite. Buttmans drifting camera is always in the exact right place, showing us exactly what we want to see, pursuing each hard-won inch of naked flesh with a dogged hornyness that transforms young Kitty into the most desirable woman on earth before our very eyes! John seriously molests her breasts, festooning them with colorful plastic clothespins, some of which are soon transferred to her shaved pussy. She walks around the hotel room, showing off every golden inch of her mouthwatering from Buttmans dramatic camera angles. This inspires John to pull out an exotic tit-bondage contraption for a spin, followed by the introduction of his glass dildo collection to Kittys nubile quim. Soon shes squatting in the middle of the room, lubricating the head of a special guest star yes, the Gnome! Sexy Kitty positions herself head over ass in piledriver position and takes the gnome deep in her pussy while mashing a big Hitachi vibrator against her clit. After that, she gags herself with a dildo to bring up enough spit to lubricate her asshole for her very first anal penetration ever! I mean, Ive tried, but Ive never been relaxed enough, I tried last night, she confesses. Her virgin butthole accepts Johns toy, clasping it tightly and encouraging Kitty to get more adventurous, until even the Gnome gets a look at Kittys cute colon from the inside out!Scene three: Sophie Dee comes sashaying up the steps of Buttmans sunny studio, her huge breasts barely contained by a pink bra and her super-sized Welsh/Irish curves barely concealed by skintight white Capri pants. She assumes the position in the kitchen nook, jutting her ass high and hard, pointing her head at the floor, causing her boobs to pop out. She starts to peel the tights down, but John stops her Thats a camel-toe and a half youve got there, he exclaims, poking at her fat labia, lifted and separated by the crotch of her tights. The tease carries on for an exquisite amount of time, with Sophie grabbing Buttmans face and forcing it into her crotch several times. Eventually they make it upstairs to his playroom, and Sophie browses his table of kinky implements with keen interest. She immediately starts clothes-pinning her own ass through her tights, prancing around the room. The kinky play continues as Sophie gets naked and changes into a dress, and starts showing off her asshole and pussy proudly for the intimate, probing camera. She twists her pussy lips and spanks them, and makes her clit twitch as the waves crash against the shore outside the window. She stuffs four fingers up her pussy and pouts her asshole at the camera, inspiring John to offer up a variety of ass-centric toys that Sophie immediately takes to, alternately sighing and laughing as she starts showing off her advanced degree of sphincter control. As the afternoon continues, Sophie stuffs all her orifices, squirting on the camera and giving an upside-down blowjob to a dildo that sends cascades of spit running down her face. She fucks herself all the way to a super-wet ending that leaves Buttmans lens soaked!


It is difficult to picture a Buttman release, running nearly four hours, only containing three lovelies, but that is the case here and none of the women overstay their welcome. Stagliano is the sole male here and he directs, commands and occasionally is briefly seen with each girl in a fondling, cop-a-feel manner.

The title is accurate but doesn’t say enough—he gets them to stretch everything imaginable including butt cheeks, pussies, tits, nipples and the like. Multiple insertions help to stretch out the insides as well, and the same goes for oral stretching. Included are ass spreads, clear butt plugs, clothes pins, skin-tight clothes and more, and featured ladies Sophie Dee (and her huge bolt-ons), Kitty Bella (and her elongated pussy lips) and Kelly Divine take everything he can dish out.

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