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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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You know how well Kick Ass fare does for you, so stock accordingly.


Hardly "the most intense oral series ever!" as the box hype so unabashedly screams, 10 Man Cum Slam 2 delivers middle-of-the-road-hardcore blow bangs that could have used more consistent energy, passion and, most importantly, drool.

Holly Hollywood, Taylor Lynn and Jasmine Lynn, in their respective scenes, each dutifully take 10 loads straight to the mouth - each pop shown in instant replay from a different angel - for a total of 60 from beginning to end.

While there are segments of real passion and some pretty hot POV shots, much of the proceedings are antiseptic and all-but-silent - polite, even - lacking the furious, mosh-pit-like group dynamics of other, similar fare and, along about pop No. 5, start to get tedious (Arnold Schwarzenpecker thankfully breaks from the pack when he roars while blowing in the closer, something director Andrew Madness hopefully will keep in mind when shooting future Cum Slam volumes). At least the ball butter starts flowing early on, but, really, aren't glistening facials hotter than internal mouth shots?

The girls are cute enough, but kinda plain-wrap with their natural chests and lack of garters, stockings or even heels. Guess some of your Kick Ass's customers dig that unadorned look, since it's touted on the rear box, but it certainly doesn't float this reviewer's boat.

And do we really need that hoary porn cliché, the pre-scene interview, with the participants, especially the guys? Whose bright idea was that?

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