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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Genial host Steve Holmes, dapper in suit and tie, welcomes Christoph Clark to his party where he sheepishly admits that he neglected to invite men, just this group of women. Clark meets them, camera in hand, and when one asks "Who has the nicest tits?" one of them de-tops and Holmes - evaluating the possibilities - offers one girl something of his own to suck on. Holmes works the room, letting the girls take turns sucking him, then he lines them up, bent over, and starts fingering their exposed nether regions. Then he starts fucking them. It's a tough gig, fucking nine hot Euro-tootsies, but Holmes is up for it. Especially when the girls start helping with each other - or when one shoves four fingers in her twat and four more in her vosburg and takes Holmes down her gullet. After some indoor fuck-and-suck, the action moves outside, where they line up on all fours and Holmes licks and fucks his way down the row before asking "Who wants the cum?" and they gang suck him till they get it.

A moment later, we meet "Vanessa Virgin" who asks Clark if he has any "special sex" for her and after he ogles her for a while and she self-consciously fingers herself she meets Greg Centauro, Manuel Ferrara, David Perry, and Richard Lengin. Four guys, one girl: They have to do a little time-sharing (with d.p. and double-anal) before the four-way face frosting. For a finale, Manuel Ferrara accosts two girls from the Ukraine on a park terrace and asks them which of those cities down there is Buda and which one is Pest. Soon they're back in an apartment with eight other girls - making a total of 10 - and Ferrara makes the most of it, cutting one from the pack and taking her to a bedroom as the others giggle outside, murmuring "Oh my God" as she blows him, then she strips and writhes against the wall as he takes her from behind and then gets it on with her on the bed. He leaves her and grabs two more from the holding pen and starts in on them, first fucking their joined mouths as they kiss, then fucking them on the bed. No idea where the first one went. Then he goes back into the living room and tends to four more girls, kneeling on a couch, back to camera. Finally, the last unfucked girl confronts Ferrara: "Frenchman, you wanna fuck me?" He does, right up the ol' vosburg. The scene ends with another group grope and Ferrara shooting on several faces like a Gatlin gun.

Not a lot of passion - or dialogue, either - but hot Euro-sex with attractive unaltered people, in scenes that have a casual ease and indifference to running time.

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