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Sex: The Annabel Chong Story

Sex: The Annabel Chong Story

Released Jan 01st, 2003
Running Time 86,86
Director Gough Lewis
Company Greycat Releasing
Distribution Company Coffeehouse Films
Cast Dick Nasty, Jasmin St. Claire, John Bowen, Annabel Chong, Michael J. Cox, Allenina, Ona Zee, Chi Chi LaRue, Israel Gonzales, Donna Warner, Ron Jeremy
Critical Rating Not Yet Rated
Genre Alternative



Greycat Releasing/Coffeehouse Films. D: Gough Lewis. Annabel Chong, Donna Warner, Jasmin St. Claire, Ona Zee, Allenina, Chi Chi LaRue, John Bowen, Dick Nasty, Ron Jeremy, Israel Gonzales, Michael J. Cox, Others. 86 Min. Documentary. NR; Nudity. 86 Min.

Annabel Chong spent 10 hours having sex with 251 men one day in January, 1995. Fears of HIV polarized the adult industry; battle lines were drawn, questions were cast after the fact about tests and condoms, and Chong was the eye of the hurricane.

Who was this girl? This documentary never quite penetrates that deeply. We do find out that Chong started as a personality construct of 22-year-old Grace Quek, a USC undergrad with middle-class Singapore roots. She attended Cambridge University and worked as an artis's model in London before heading to the States.

Intellectually gifted, Que's also a bit... different. She moved to America because, she tells the camera,"I had this weird notion that if Armageddon hit the world it was gonna start in L.A"

And if it was't gonna start, Quek would just have to give it a push.

How she did so is't clear: she tells a classmate she entered porn because she was"pissed off in a feminist theory clas" while her fan club receives a sexier version: she was"bored with fucking with everyone on campus"

When Quek met director John Bowen, Annabel Chong poked her newborn ass into the light — just in time for a triple penetration scene.

Bowe's talent creating a stir and Chon's desire to"shake things u" seems a frightening combination, ultimately culminating in The Worl's Biggest Gangbang. Chon's closest friend, Alan (now trannie performer Allenina) notes he was concerned about the risk of HIV the'bang might incur.

"Apparently in society today they see something morally degenerate about someone willing to take that risk... I believe that sex is good enough to die for" a defiant Chong counters. Yeah, but for these guys?

(Those looking for titillation wo't find it in the big'bang — i's shown in fits and starts, more to prove a guideline than anything else.)

Industry insiders offer amusing reactions to Chon's blatant snub of their status quo. Michael J. Cox insists Chon's"making porn look sleaz" and Ona Ze's snotty"... I make film noirs..." are hilarious. God bless the drag queen wh's got her own sense of humor: Chi Chi LaRue goes for intentional laughs with,"You gotta love her for taking that many dicks! Go, girl"

Chon's been trying to present herself as a gender gladiator, but now her rhetoric is disjointed; she drags heavily on her cigarettes."'m at the age where I believe that I can change something" she tries to explain; seconds later she whispers,"'d like to think so" and Quek surfaces for a moment, fighting back tears.

Ultimately, i's Bowen who screws her the hardest, never paying her $10,000 fee. Director Gough Lewi' often-manipulative editing shows Chong on a downslide: Her misguided sense of adventure makes her a pariah in America, a smutty joke in England and the moral equivalent of a threat to national security in Singapore. And those 251 guys (one of them cut her vagina with his fingernails; she did the last — Ron Jeremy — screaming in pain) did't turn the tables on the patriarchy, as planned.

Chon's"comebac" vid with Elegant Angel will have her Gangbang Queen title as a marketing point. Quek wisely shuts up while bitchy Chong negotiates. She and director Rob Black dicker over her fee (using the late Israel Gonzales as their go-between) in an exchange tha's more entertaining than the scene itself. Blac's"I want at least some fucki' fist and piss" is only topped by Chon's"'ll piss on anybod's face, 'll shove my hand up anybod's butt; tell fucki' Rob Black i'll be the worl's greatest scene because I am Annabel Chong"

But Quek is't. Sh's a confused kid whose ritzy education has't protected her from por's bottom-feeders; sh's shunned and nearly forgotten as Jasmin St. Claire beats her gangbang record a year later. Que's feminist warrior persona crumbles as she reveals sh'd been gang-raped in London. Sh's a cutter, slashing her arm with a dull knife "Sometimes ther's a pain inside you ca't let out because yo're so numb; because life leaves you so numb. Yo've just gotta feel something"). And, visiting her parents in Singapore, she learns a"good citize" has informed her mom about her movies. Their confrontation is heartbreaking — Mrs. Quek speaks (subtitled) of"regaining dignit" while Quek sobs, begging for forgiveness.

Eventually, Quek returns to Los Angeles, graduates from USC and returns to porn. Recalling her classic negotiation with Black one year later, she muses,"Today I was thinking — am I Annabel Chong? Have I once and for all lost my balls"

Not even one of'em, hon.

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