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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Booming Voiceover: "In the tradition of Bonnie and Clyde, Face Dance, The Fluffer, and Marker -- comes another feature too big, too bold, too long to contain one one mere videocassette!" (Epic touting, the sport of champions!)

When the smoke clears, the 90's may well be remembered as the decade of the big budget sequel. Canny producers have been assembling talent and shooting sex until crews drops from exhaustion. Sparing us not a minute of footage, they conquer and divide in the editing room. Such is the case with Pussyman, a shameless but not shameful imitation of Buttman-style porn.

The good news is that Christopher has captured one sweltering sex scene after another, with an ambitious and indefatigable cast who snort pussy, fuck and suck until the viewer is exhausted and then some.

Avoiding the "less is more" theory, David Christopher has concocted a conjugal mountain out of a conceptual molehill. The lowbrow "story" stars Tom Byron as "Sam Snatch", undercover P.I. His impossible mission: find the world's greatest pussy for a trio of video producers.

On his quest for the Grail of groin, Snatch is welcomed by the likes of Porsche Lynn, who accepts a double penetrating dildo from Steve Drake. As Bionca gets her butthole licked and stuffed with steel balls by Rebecca Bardoux in a bathroom, Snatch takes copious notes. Melanie Moore, a model agency owner who covets the prize, allows him to dip his wick in her honey pot (which is decorated with a bejeweled labial clip). And that's just a sampling of Part One, all hot and juicy and filled with close-ups of, you guessed it, pussy. Add that to one of the best tease sequences to date, featuring sexy covergirl Summer Knight.

With six scenarios on each tape, and every one a winner, this might be the all-sex video to beat next awards show. In part two, sexual highlights include Madison, Bionca, and Natasha seducing Byron; Wallice and Drake greasing up. Lynn LeMay for an oil bath, and Brandy Alexandre devouring Randy West.

Pussyman recaptures (what should be) the standard for porn on videotape-nasty, arousing and utterly mindless. Camerawork (by Kathy Mack, Joe Rock, and Frank Marino) is outstanding, however the dialogue levels are not always up to par.

The marketing campaign has helped capture the imagination of both retailers and consumers. Though not ready at press time. the boxes on both cassettes have an embossed pussy and an absolutely spectacular cover shot of Summer Knight.

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