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Angel of H.E.A.T.

Angel of H.E.A.T.

Released Feb 01st, 1983
Running Time 93
Director Myril Schriebmann
Company Vestron Video
Cast Marilyn Chambers
Critical Rating AA 1/2
Genre Alternative



Why does everybody seem so surprised? Doesn't the film world know that Marilyn Chambers is a fine actress? What's the big fuss about this sexy blonde appearing in an R-rated film?

You see, Marilyn has been acting for years. Insatiable, her most popular XXX-rated film, was one of the most well-acted adult films in the history of the business. She starred as a modern vampire (fangs in the armpit) in David Cronenberg's splendid horror film, Rabid in 1977. And now she's the lead in a new comic-adventure-soft core film titled Angel of H.E.A.T. directed by Myril Schriebmann.

Marilyn plays angel, a James Bondian secret agent with kung fu talent and a penchant for the supernatural (she can disappear and reappear whenever she pleases). She's out to destroy an evil scientist who uses androids to run his gambling and prostitution rings. The competing crime agency, whose main agents are played by Stephen Johnson and mary Woronov (co-star of the current theatrical comedy, Eating Raoul) are sent on a wild-goose-chase of sorts, trying to find out why important government computer chips are being stoles.

If it sounds confusing, have no fear. The two detective groups form a partnership of sorts, sleeping with androids in order to destroy them and getting closer to the conspirators, who are selling the stolen chips to pay off government officials so that they can run their illegal business.

But more important than the complex plot is the presence of sex-goddess Marilyn Chambers, who looks wonderful with her clothes on, as well as off. Her well-oiled athletic body is in full view here, and the few sex scenes are short and fully-realized. Since there's no hard-core sex in Angel of H.E.A.T., it takes someone as sensual as marilyn to turn you on. In addition, the very well-built Mary Woronov is seen completely naked as well. She's very horny, has loose hands and provides most of the comic relief as well.

From the opening sequence, Marilyn's talents become the center of attention. The opening credits display Marilyn doing various kung fu and karate stances, completely naked in holographed images. There's a great, sexy scene with Marilyn and some foreign agent in the bed and in the bathtub, complete with subtitles. And her love scenes with agent Stephen Johnson are as realistic as any XXX movie.

Angel of H.E.A.T. should please everyone. It has prostitution, gambling, action, full frontal nudity, a wrestling announcer who speaks Yiddish, a Chinese karate instructor who speaks German, a lesbian who ends up being an android, villains, sex, punk rock and a terrific, raunchy female mud wrestling scene where Mary Woronov eventually gets involved. But best of all, Angel of H.E.A.T. never takes itself too seriously. There's plenty of political humor and a low-key sense of the absurd. When two of the villains fall off a horse into a river, Marilyn says, "9.8," Johnson says, "9.7," and Mary Woronov says, "7.6." They both look at Mary and she states, Well, somebody has to play the East German judge."

After the film's conclusion is reached "that the new wave and punk rock is filled with androids" Marilyn Chambers and Steven Johnson walk off into the sunset. Then you know you've seen an utterly ridiculous, but utterly fun-filled movie. And Marilyn's never looked better, either!

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