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Released Apr 01st, 1983
Running Time 62
Director Ed Hansen
Company Vestron Video
Cast Kit Fargo, Rita Gardner, Gigi Anthony, Summer Tenaya, Kitten Natividad
Critical Rating AAA
Genre Alternative



When you watched Aerobicise (Paramount Home Video), with all of those beauties taunting and teasing and throwing seductive kisses at the camera while doing leg stretches, what’s the one thing you wanted to see happen that never did? A leotard split? One of those flimsy tops fly off?  A slow seductive stripping of exercise gear?  No, it was too perfect.  And nudity would’ve have proven too offensive.  Therefore, Aerobicise never delivered.

Eroticise, on the other hand, delivers. Although no nipples see the light of day until the ten minute mark, the sexy six of Vestron’s new exercise-tease tape have less and less attire for each ensuing workout until there’s no attire at all – just bodies.  Bodies that are luscious, firm and sweaty.

Perhaps Eroticise has begun a new genre in adult videotapes – the porno-exercise cassette.  The obvious next step would be a totally hardcore workout. But for now, after the endless line of standard exercise classes for the home – Aerobicise, Jazzercise, Aerobic Dancing With Jacki Sorenson, Home Exercise For Women, Jane Fonda’s Workout (to name a few) – there’s something bold and daring to try.  Imagine an exercise tape where the women can get her workout while the man ca get worked up.  The complete nude workout is finally available.

Kitten Natividad, star of Titillation and many of Russ Meyer’s softcore classics, headlines this one hour non-narrated exercise lesson that’s graphically fine and loaded with exciting exercise choreography, thanks to the work of Doie Newberry.  Kitten and five other lovelies are perched on a wooden patio with plants and flowers making for pleasant atmosphere. The workout starts out slowly, with the women donning leopard skins, lavender leotards, yellow sundresses and the like.  For a while there’s lots of cleavage, crotch shots, bouncing boobies and see-through outfits – in other words, basic T & A.

But as the exercises pick up in intensity, so does the music and of course, the more erotic action.  It’s exciting to see one of these blondes do a topless aerobic dance or a beautiful black woman doing sensual naked stretches.  But there’s sit-ups and variations on the same theme along with the stretches and pulls that make you want to watch, rather than participate in the workout.

For the last 20 minutes, starting with Kitten Natividad pulling off her panties, the exercises are performed in full frontal nudity. They constantly tease by smiling right into the cameras while their thighs, breasts and long legs pull and stretch and bend.

The final exercise, basic deep knee and back bends are done to the backdrop of twilight and soft sensual music. Designated as such, these scene is a complete turn-on as the girls unashamedly show that their best talents are their natural talents.

Ending with a cooling off period in a Jacuzzi, the girls sip champagne and soak their bodies.  There’s playfulness, a bit of touching, steam, splashing and some seductive fruit eating, but no sex. That part is simply left up to the imagination.

The only problem with Eroticise as an exercise program is the lack of instruction; the viewer must pick up the exercises on their own.  But for those looking for erotic entertainment without sexual escapades, Eroticise is something unique, well directed and a lot of fun.

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