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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Released Feb 01st, 1983
Running Time 78
Director John Christopher
Company Arrow Video
Cast Samantha Fox, Bobbi Jackson
Critical Rating AAA
Genre Feature



Babe is a light romp that's lots of fun and takes us into the world of high fashion and finance. Apparently the rich have problems just like everybody else.

Witness: Dori (Samantha Fox), owner of a successful New York modeling agency, discovers that her top model, Babe (Bobbi Jackson), is about to inherit $15 million from a dead uncle. Dori's problem: what will happen to her empire when her main source of income retires?

Babe, on the other hand, relishes retirement but will be unable to achieve it because of a clause in the will stating that she must be married to receive the inheritance... and Babe is much too independent to marry. In a hilarious scene, Babe decides to look for a platonic husband, but all of her suitors are far too attracted to her gorgeous looks to promise "hands off". She even has to turn down the lone gay applicant because he wants her to convert to his religion.

The plot takes a twist when Dori gets wind of the "no husband, no money" clause and takes matters into her own hands. She's determined to find Babe a husband greedy and stupid enough to spend all the cash at one and force Babe back to work. One afternoon, Dori stumbles across a Shakespearean company and fins the perfect goof-ball suited to her plans: Chad, a pompous stud who loves himself and his "talents" more than anything else. Unaware of Dori's intent, Babe agrees to the match.

Both Chad and Babe get laid on their wedding night but it certainly isn't with each other! Babe runs in to an old lover, while Chad busies himself on the casting couch —scounting starlets for his extravagant new version of Oedipus Rex (to be financed by Babe, of course.)

Here the story grinds to a halt, and the bodies continue to grind away, as the bored Babe takes on male and female prostitutes in super-hot scenes in her super-hot exotic penthouse. Chad begins to mount his production, as well as the female cast, while Dori demands favors from her set of well-hung male secretaries.

Eventually, Dori's plan backfires when Oedipus becomes a smash hit, and Babe soon discovers that she loves Chad after all. However, she decides to return to work anyway, being bored with the life of the idle rich.

Babe does not end so much as it winds down. Unfortunately, the promising story never really pays off. Too many loose ends here: why doesn't Babe realize earlier on that she can work and play if she wants to and why does she blindly finance Chad's play? Also, why would she fall in love with Chad after catching him copping some head in the theatre toilet? Despite these drawbacks, Babe has a lot going for it —mainly thanks to the female leads. Bobbi Jackson is that special kind of woman who looks better in sexy clothes than out of them, though she's not hard to take either way. Though a relative newcomer to porn, she is "heads" above the rest of the fly-by-night starlets, and will have a promising career when her acting ability reaches her sexual prowess.

Veteran Samantha Fox is perfect as the bitchy, two-timing Dori. She brings an earthiness to the role because her passion appears genuine. She'll take it any way she can get it, and loves it every way. She's really very versatile, and doesn't flinch when a good wet shot goes off in her face.

Roderic Pierce, as Chad, appears to be having great fun shouting and butt-humping at the same time, but he is no match for randy Ron Jeremy in a cameo role as the horny staff photographer. His lusty pleas for sex with Babe in a "French" accent (by way of Brooklyn) really lightens up the proceedings. He deserves the title the "Charlie Chaplin of porn." Too bad Sonny Bono didn't do the soundtrack.

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