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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Released Apr 01st, 1983
Running Time 80
Director Lasse Braun
Company Select-A-Tape
Cast Robert le ray, Willlie Brack, Claudio Rosso, Claudine Beccarie, Silvia Bourdon, Aria Arsikainen, Elisabeth Welt, Brigette Maier
Critical Rating AA 1/2
Genre Feature



Penetration, Lasse (Kinkorama) Braun’s latest adult film creation raises several deep “penetrating” questions: For openers, is there life after posing as a Penthouse Magazine Pet centerfold?  Also, what really goes on behind the camera while filming XXX-rated movies?  And lastly, is it humanly possible to achieve “dual male penetration” of a female anus?  These as well as many other questions can be answered in this appropriately titled flick.

The beautiful Brigette Maier whose heavenly body once graced the pages of popular men’s erotic magazines lends her amazing talent and “in-front-of” the camera experience to provide some highly erotic and explicit sex scenes.  One often wonders what happens to their favorite centerfold girls.  Well, they either become models, actresses, housewives or star in Lasse Braun’s hot, sultry films.

Brigette, nonetheless is the brightest star in the film and her performance outshines all others. There may very well be a special place for Brigette Maier in the future of adult video.

Probably the most fascinating feature of this film and what makes it totally unique is that the viewer actually sees and hears how the movie was made. In fact, Penetration is more or less a clinical dissection of a pornographic film. The viewer is placed on the set with the crew and the actors.  We see the positioning of the cameras and how they operate to find the best possible angles without missing a second of the activity.  We see how the director Braun motivates and manipulates his performers to capture the best sexual positions especially at the height of climax.

It is truly amazing to discover that not all XXX films are produced by setting up a camera and performing sex in front of the lens.  Penetration shows that there is more, much more.  The set, the lighting, the crew, the actors and their performances, not to mention careful direction and editing all blend together to make an enjoyable and erotic production.  It’s not always as easy as it seems.  After one long sexy love interlude it was found that the camera misfunctioned and the scene had to be reshot.

The director tells the actors just which position or expression is necessary for each scene.  Surprisingly, he also tells each actor when to achieve orgasm and where to not to do so. This must prove to be extremely frustrating.  Yet we find that film production in this case is just like any other business.  At one point, Braun announces, “let’s have one more anal penetration scene and we’ll have lunch.”

Aside from the film’s main goal of achieving double penetration of Brigette’s lovely posterior, several non-related porno shorts inadvertently pop up throughout the film. These shorts are comical in nature and highly resemble skits written and performed by Monty Python.  They take us through pre-Revolutionary England with wild wenches seducing a soldier, to a busy English executive as eh has “bloody good” sex with two “young and juicy” women.  This scene is laced with extreme, pulsating close-ups of anal intercourse.

Perhaps the greatest turn on in the shorts is toward the end as a group of attractive young people stop along a deserted beach for an intensely erotic cake and icing orgy.  The entourage consumes delicious, creamy cakes in a most non-conventional way.  Even Duncan Hines would be amazed!

Penetration combines serious adult movie making with lighthearted shenanigans.  Perhaps its only drawbacks are the French actors chosen for Brigette’s bed companions.  They resemble ice hockey players after a playoff game in the middle of July.  Perhaps if they removed their sweat socks it could have helped matters a bit. The dialogue also presents a problem for the viewer, since most of the talking is in broken English with strong French accents or in French altogether.

The big question still remains whether Brigette and her two male companions ever achieve the astonishing feat of dual anal penetration.  Only by watching this film yourself will you learn just what “ends” Penetration will go to.

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