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Espose Me Now

Espose Me Now

Released Sep 01st, 1983
Running Time 94
Director Joe Sherman
Company Cal-Vista
Cast Danielle (I), Richard Pacheco, Herschel Savage, Ron Jeremy
Critical Rating AAA 1/2
Genre Feature



Some XXX films have great sex, but not much of a story. Other hardcore movies have a terrific story, but the sex just isn't so hot. Occasionally, though, you run across a film with both a wonderful, fun story and really steamy sex. Expose Me Now is one of those rarities: a delight, both for the story and the sex.

Expose Me Now is the tempestuous story of two brothers, Shane (Herschel Savage) and Abel (Ron Jeremy) Phillips. Although they're twins, Shane and Abel are as different as night and day. Shane, the good brother, is a classic nerd: a virginal, obnoxious do-gooder. Abel is the opposite; an evil and greedy womanizer who wants everything only for himself. They are brought together for the reading of their amazingly wealthy uncle's will. Strangely, they are the only two mentioned. Stranger, is the will itself. The uncle leaves Abel "Jack-shit"; his entire fortune goes to Shane.

But there's one stipulation in the will. Every evening from 6 to 9, Shane must follow his uncle's example and do good deeds. His uncle even left him his 6 to 9 uniform (modified Boy Scout). Shane thinks it's terrific; Abel thinks it stinks.

Abel returns to his office, and has a wild fantasy about seducing Shane's bride-to-be on their wedding day. He has to get back at Shane, and he figures the way; sell Shane's mansion one from under him, for the bargain price of one million dollars. This way, Abel will be rich, crushing his brother. Abel calls in his secretary (Danielle, looking great in one of her better roles) and two specialty real estate agents, giving them information on three of the world's richest millionaires from his Computer for Lust, Information, and Tips (got that?). Of course that information includes all of their sexual preferences.

Knowing that Shayne is out from 6 to 9, the trio has ample selling and sexual opportunities. These women sell a different bill of goods, and in many varied ways. The sex in Shane's bed is very hot, but no sales ensue. Although they succeed in bed, they can't sell the house. Eventually, as Abel's plan fails he loses hope, and turns to Danielle for consolation (one of her specialties) in one of the best scenes in the movie. The heat that Jeremy and Danielle generate is intense and their scene together, erotic. But that's not all! There's a surprise ending and everyone gets what they've wanted from the beginning.

The acting in Expose Me Now is first rate: Ron Jeremy is his usual (dare I say it?) cocky self. This part seems made for him. Danielle, outstanding here, provides the perfect complement to Jeremy's antics.

Also, look for Richard Pacheco in a cute bit about an immigrant gardener mistaken for a millionaire.

Expose Me Now has great sex, and a witty story. However, there are a few inconsistencies: the mansion seems a bit small for $500,000, let alone a million dollars and what could have been a great kitchen scene seems almost an afterthought. And I've yet to figure out what the title means. But Expose Me Now remains a fine XXX film, entertaining and very erotic.

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