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Stephanie?s Lust Story

Stephanie?s Lust Story

Released Nov 01st, 1983
Running Time 80
Director Erica Fox
Company VCA
Cast Gena Lee, Tigr, Jennifer West
Critical Rating AA
Genre Feature



One thing is certain; it doesn’t cost a penny more to write a clever script instead of a trite one. This advice should be taken to heart by most of the adult film community because too few of today’s porn features have hit the potential that could, and should be reached.

Stephanie’s Lust Story is, unfortunately, no exception.  If the makers of a full length feature expect us to sit through an entire film without squirming with boredom, the movie had damn well be more interesting than a 25 cent loop.  Stephanie is not, all the more a shame because it does have its share of worthwhile flesh encounters.  Essentially, that’s all it is… Swedish Erotica) remotely connected to the framework of a very thin story (about Stephanie’s search for employment).

When our gal Steph (Gena Lee) meets with her manager about an acting job, he responds that her talents are limited.  However, he has seen some private amateur footage of her in erotica action (courtesy of her ex-boyfriend) and he thinks he can land her a part in a porn film… if she “cooperates with the right attitude.”

The entire middle section of the feature dispenses with what little plot has been already established.  But that’s just as well because the heart of Stephanie’s Lust Story lies with good sex.  First, Tigr and an attractive Oriental lady tackle an enthusiastic young man in a yummy extended sequence, before Steph puts in a token appearance with her producer-to-be. Cut back to a thoroughly rousing lesbian encounter, replete with double headed toys and shaved pubic areas.  Although the women are rather plain, they make up for their mediocre looks with some astonishingly realistic orgasms… truly the highlight of any porn movie for a red blooded adult film fan.

By this time, Stephanie’s call on the casting couch has landed her a job: an orgy scene (beginners luck, I suppose). She bungles it anyhow, and it takes the female director to show her how to do it right.  Her method acting pays off, and everyone has a great time… particularly one lucky fellow who becomes erect from a totally placid state in the previous shot (and you wonder why they call it the miracle of editing).

Distraught with guilt, Steph downs some pills and booze.  Obviously, she is not cut out for this work.  We are treated to flashbacks of all the previous sex scenes, which cap her evening off (I know I always try to recapture my lost sexual glory when I’m feeling suicidal). The poor girl snuffs it and the credits roll. Sure am glad the writer didn’t cop out with a pat ending.

Oh, well: War and Peace it ain’t. Stephanie’s Lust Story is worth a look for some fresh faces and bodies, but the interesting ending doesn’t justify the means.

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