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In The Pink

In The Pink

Released Sep 01st, 1983
Running Time 90
Director Bill Eagle
Company Video-X-Pix
Cast Lorri Smith, Scott Baker, Zebediah Colt, Jacqueline Lorians, Joanna Storm, Gina Carnale
Critical Rating AA 1/2
Genre Feature



Italy. Egypt. England. France. Austria. Romantic European countries. How often have we fantasized of sexual liaisons in sensual cities. If you have, then In The Pink, the new film by Bill (Blonde Goddess) Eagle, will take you through your fantasies.

Blake Covington (Scott Baker), a multi-millionaire, international art dealer and a "real charmer," has two obsessions in lie. One is the acquisition of a priceless set of portraits (the Hapsburg oils), and the other is women – women like Heather (Joanna Storm), his new assistant and the narrator of the film. With the art world used as the setting, we are graciously invited into one man's quest of fulfilling his obsessions.

There is a very contrived plot at work here. It includes a fake virgin-bride, a faked murder of vengeance and a faked death . . . and all for the sake of art. To reveal any more of the details would be removing the thrust of the film.

Let's just say that while Blake is "dead", his child-bride Mariange, played by Jacqueline Lorians, a refreshingly stunning beauty and convincing actress, is left to console herself from sorrow in a sexual spree with strangers a-plenty and Heather by her side. She becomes a charged woman in Heather's eyes. Then she pays a visit to the Countess Hapsburg (Lorri Smith), to try and complete her husband's art collection.

Except for a scene involving Angela in a laundry room with two men, the sex is uninspired. This is a big-budget adult film with home movie-type sex. No matter who is with whom, they all do exactly the same thing the same way.

However, there are exceptions, and they're what makes In The Pink worth watching. One accents voyeurism along the Nile, while another sports lesbianism in the Louvre. This is when the film shines in its art-world premise. You can compare scenes involving the two women with shots of famous oils of nudes. Force, irresistible beauty and the universality of sex is shown here, and our attraction is proved to be an intuitive quest for beauty in our lives.

The most memorable incident follows Mariange on a sex spree to London. She seduces a palace guard and needless to say, gets him to relinquish his post and his pants. While he never utters a word, she does manage to get him sweating and groaning, and in the end, to muster a smile.

By the end of the film, Blake gets his oils and everyone else gets exposed for what they really are. We should have realized that Blake would never "cross a pal". Mariange and Blake rejoice over their acquisition, Umberto reveals the whole story, and his true identity to the poor, confused Heather. It seems everyone was … in the know, except her.

Despite the lavish locales of In The Pink, the lackluster sex brings it down. Frankly, there are far too few glimpses of eroticism. The expensive and very beautiful lingerie that each woman wears is more erotic than the sex they become involved in.

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