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Daddy's Little Girls

Daddy's Little Girls

Released Aug 01st, 1983
Running Time 76
Director John Christopher
Company Caballero
Cast Brooke Bennett (I), Chelsea Manchester, Ann Ventura, Sharon Kane
Critical Rating AAA
Genre Feature



Howdy! This is Billy Bob Hurock for the Farm Film Report. Remember me? I told ya about lil' ol' Debbie when she did Dallas for the second time. Whooooo-we! She sure did it up, didn't she?

Now I'm tellin' ya 'bout this lil' scorcher, Daddy's Little Girls. Lissen' up, folks. We got a fine piece of motion pitcher entertainment here. S'all about some beautiful young women folk who wants to help their Poppa out of a real scrape. Seems like Old Man Moseby just plumb fergot ta pay his back taxes, an' Sheriff Johnson wants to foreclose the farm.

These girls is desperate, in more ways than one (if ya know what I mean!). I hear tell that the youngins, Jackie and Suzanne (Chelsea M. & Sharon K.) kind of take a liking to each other when they c'aint git no menfolk to satisfy their backwoods needs. So anyway, one afternoon theys all bickerin' about how ta help out their Daddy when sure 'nuff a real fight breaks out, and Old Man Moseby gets the idea right in his own head just by watchin the girls go at it . . . Female Wresslin, in mud, by garsh!

Now there is only one thing that any good ol' American boy likes more than getttin drunk and beatin up hippies, an' that think is watchin' a great cat fight. The whole scheme goes over real fine until the Sheriff hires some city slicker to match up Roxie with his gal "Tough" Toni Cimoli, a bonafide professional lady wrestler (Anna Venture). I don't think I'd be givin' too much away to say that what goes on behind the scenes, what with all the girls tryin' to seduce the menfolk from the opposin' sides, is just as exciting as the match itself.

Now this is the section here on the Farm Film Report where we do the critical stuff, but I caint find nuthin' bad ta say about Daddy's Little Girls, 'ceptin maybe that Chelsea  Manchester don't git near enough time doin' her stuff when compared to the other gals, and she's the best lookin' of the bunch. Now the actin' a'int much to speak of neither, but that jus' adds ta the fun, cause there a'int nothin' funnier then some Yankee tryin' his darndest to be a good 'ol boy. So pick up on this hear vid-e-o, it's more fun then shootin' fish in a barrel!

This is Billy Bob signin' off. Y'all come back now, y'heah?

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