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Behind the Green Door ? The Sequel

Behind the Green Door ? The Sequel

Released Sep 01st, 1986
Running Time 80
Directors Jim Mitchell, Sharon McNight, Artie Mitchell
Company Mitchell Brothers Film Group
Cast Danny Daniels, Squirt, Missy Manners, Friday Jones, Andrew Young, Cast of Hundreds, Lulu Reed, James Martin, Joe Carol
Critical Rating AAAA
Genre Film



As Behind the Green Door – The Sequel opens, we are treated to a potpourri of strange characters on an airplane is it begins its descent. Little do we know, but these rejects from Fellini are about to engage in the world's first "safe sex" orgy. Replete with a midget, a bearded lady, a 500-pound woman with a tattoo, pretty lesbians, masked perverts, statues that come to life and other assorted weirdos and normal folk, this extended half-a-movie sequence is the centerpiece of this erotic fantasy.

This sort-of sequel to the classic Mitchell Brothers/Marilyn Chambers romp Behind the Green Door has one message, and it's an important one. In case you don't get it, the talking puppet that opens the film makes the statement at the end: you can't get VD or AIDS if you use a rubber during sex and don't exchange body fluids.

It love it, and the film is important for that reason alone. But what about Behind the Green Door – The Sequel as erotic entertainment? Well, it's pretty much soft: lots of simulated stuff, and the visible penetration and fellatio are done with condoms. There's enough to titillate, but the tape is really recommended for new viewers and couples.

It all takes place in star Missy Manners' own version of the infamous Green Door Club. This is Manners' debut, but since this is basically her own political statement (see AVN Newsline this issue) I doubt we'll see her again. She's a decent enough actress (although she has little dialog) and her erotic material is good, given the material. Meanwhile, the fat lady has lots of sex (and it's gross), and even starts a roundelay with the fat bearded lady (thankfully they don't go very far with that one). The assorted characters perform lesbian sex, the basic in-and-out and oral stuff, always making sure to use condoms and rubber gloves. And a lot of it is shot softly, and from distance. The best sequence is Missy's double fantasy, after the orgy, where she's alone with each guy on a bed. There's only a little penetration shown, but it's erotic just the same.

Technically, the film is typical of the Mitchell Brothers: crisp editing, good cinematography, stunning costumes, unique set designs and nice visual effects. There's some bad voice dubbing along the way however, especially when Missy and her stewardess co-workers leave the airport to get a bus ride home.

The whole orgy works within a joint fantasy between Manners and neighbor James Martin. After the two separately and simultaneously watch copies of the original Behind the Green Door, Martin secretly watches Manners and neighbor James Martin. After the two separately and simultaneously watch copies of the original Behind the Green Door, Martin secretly watches Manners as she masturbates herself to sleep. In this mysterious style, The Sequel captues some of the original's flavor.

For its message and quality, I highly recommend Behind the Green Door – The Sequel. As a sex film it's on the soft side, but is good for newer viewers and couples. No one ever said an adult film had to be loaded with wall-to-wall graphic sex to be good.

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