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Vanessa Del Rio is Dr. Lust, a television sex counselor whose call-in talk show helps disgruntled lovers find happiness and fulfillment.  If that story sounds familiar, that’s because it’s been done many times before… and better.  Del Rio’s advice here is a typical porno prescription (sex), but it comes off like putting bandages on broken legs.

It’s obvious this film was shot around Del Rio (to accommodate her star status), as most of her dialogue is to the camera and a telephone line that is never lit.  It’s possible that most of the cast didn’t even know she was in the film.  She does have a “studio session” with one of her callers (Jerry Butler) who happens to stop by, but while the camera searches for a flattering angle of Vanessa one can’t help but notice her better days are behind her. She still has the animal passion to knock Butler back into the sofa when he mounts her from behind, but now she seems like an extra in a Fellini film rather than a “sex goddess.”

Because of the lack of inter-character relationships, everyone comes off as two-dimensional twits who can’t differentiate between a butt and an elbow.  We don’t care about these people, and that makes the sex rather ordinary.  Thankfully the movie runs just barely over an hour. My prescription: add two more sex scenes and call me in the morning.

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