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Retailers, rejoice! VCA is releasing, on DVD, the classic porn your customers are longing for... but may not yet know about.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to start with a surefire hit or two, and what better than Greg Dark's New Wave Hookers 2?

Even the extras are extra special. There are seven "jump to scene" buttons; the complete cast list allows you to jump to four of the ladies' best scenes; and the photo gallery plays a slide show of a dozen shots from the film.

Just when things were getting a little boring, a little bit mundane on the poonfront, Greg Dark returns with another kinkozoid adventure into a warped sexual mind. The story is convoluted, quirky, sometimes hard to follow and other times hard to swallow, but it's so wild that it all works. Rip Hymen (remember him as the anal loony from Between the Cheeks 2) is "L," a deprogrammer with "Cult Busters." He kidnaps hooker Madison and forces her to tell him about "The House of Willie," Baker supposedly puts prostitutes into a trance with music and then turns them into jizz junkies. Madison relates his philosophies and Willie-doms to Hymen as the weird action comes to life for our viewing pleasure.

Jack Baker's back and nuttier than even in an inspired nonsex role. His character and the premise is a neat parody (i.e. stab in the back?) directed at those obnoxious Born Againers who take people's money for higher purposes. Too bad they don't watch porn; they might learn something here. "Pimp Prophet" Baker explains that "by flatbacking for me, you're serving the heavenly Willie." Confused? Don't be. It all makes sense somehow. Especially when you find out who, or what, Willie is. Horny folks on earth will do anything for Willie.

The sex comes fast and furious, but the men are clearly secondary characters, often masked or disguised, rarely more than stiff rods that have little or no dialogue. This flick is packed with at least eight hardcore scenes executed in that insane, cartoonish, fluid-pumping Dark Brothers fashion. So, fasten your seatbelts. Where else can you see Patricia Kennedy as the queen of Atlantis, looking like redheaded Cher straight out of Mermaids? What about the three guys in flippers servicing Kennedy, Cameo and Ricky Lee? A triple boy/girl and a double cuntal (courtesy of Cameo, Joey Silvera and Tony Montana?) Where else can you see Ashley Nicole coated with oil and boffed by five "baptizers" (Silvera, Montana, Randy West, T.T. Boy and Marc Wallice) spattered on an altar in a sticky/sacred gang bang? How about Jamie Leigh in a D.P. with guys on a leash? Sandra Scream, Amanda Stone and April Rayne taking turns on a huge black dildo? Did you ever want to see T.T. Boy pretend to be a floorlamp? Well, maybe not, but his scene with Savannah and April Rayne is hot anyway.

If you crave steamy action on the very outer fringes pf the bizarre, a wacky story, off-the-wall acting (Madison's "Betty Boop goes hardcore" persona shines here), great cinematography, a stunning female cast in funky sex outfits, plus original music, check out this sleazy smorgasbord. The Dark Brothers have a never-fail track record and a long line of genital pleasers in their genealogy. Catch the next wave in porn, New Wave Hookers 2. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you won't be able to keep this one on the shelf.

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