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Feets don't fails me now. If you're into feets, you can't fails to like Leg Ends V, another dynamic edition to the Platinum Video Leg Ends foot series.

In the opening segment, Mercedez Lynn looks real serious-like into the camera and tells ;you how her feet turn her on. The fact that she doesn't crack up at all really amazes me since Mercedez is more noted for love affairs with other parts of her anatomy above her forehead.

Then, Lisa Wilson in a bobby soxer outfit proceeds to strip naked while talking about he-"nuggets", Rebecca dressed in a basketball outfit tells you the smell of her sensual body odor makes her hot, especially, the sweat on her feet... sheesh, that sure does it for me, too. "I wish you were here," she says, No thanks, I think I pass on that one, Rebecca.

Alexis Gold ,of the luscious breasts offers the best and hottest segment in this volume.

Quick: how many catchy titles can you think of using the word, enema. Well in Flash Floods, a compilation of some of the company's lustiest ass-watering vignettes, you'll soon find out.

If you are an out and out lover of the female buttocks, you can't help but be captivated by scene after scene of some of the loveliest butts in the adult business Just about every famous backside, including Savannah's, gets the business end of the enema bag Your customers will love this tape!

Personal hygiene or the lack of it seems to be the unifying theme that ties the catfights together in Wildcats. The girls seem to he ragging on each other over some element of sloppiness, then the fun begins.

What makes the Platinum catfight titles particularly enthralling is the fact these bouts go to total nudity—something you don't see in other collections. Four hot and heavy bouts make up this volume with Heather Hart and Kimberly Dawn squaring up in the segment called "Cat-a-Pullers" It's main event time as the girls square off and knock the hell out of each other in one of the more realistic catfights you'll see. This volume's a good, solid entry in the genre.

No one's going to win an academy award for acting in a spanking video, and Sweet Cheeks certainly offers proof this situation will remain unchanged. However, the notable thing about this tape is the appearance of Brigitte Aime, who possesses one of the most recognizable asses in the business thanks to her many anal performances. Though Brigitte's lovely bud goes unfertilized in the opening "Sorry Ass" segment, we're nonetheless treated to a hot spanking session between her and Cassandra Cappucci. It seems Brigitte stayed out late drinking with the boys and must be punished severely. Lucky for us.

For your burgeoning fetish section, this quartet should prove very profitable.

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