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Face Dance, Parts 1 & 2

Face Dance, Parts 1 & 2

Released Feb 01st, 1993
Running Time 160
Director John Stagliano
Company Evil Angel
Cast Rocco Siffredi, Tina Tyler, Rick Smears, Chrissy Ann, Tony Tedeschi, Tiffany Minx, John Stagliano, Francesco Le, Kiss, Roscoe Bowltree, Angel Ash, Tom Byron, Kris Newz, Rebecca Bardoux, Joey Silvera, Sheila Stone, Tiffany Million, Steve Drake, Woody Long, Sierra (I)
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2
Genres Feature, Film



We can't say much about Face Dance, Parts I & // that wasn't said in our February, 1993 reviews of the videotapes... except that in the intervening years, this filmed production hasn't lost one iota of its artistry or its heat.

Recall those early days when porn was finally starting to come into its own; when acclaimed performers like Rocco Siffredi, Tyffany (when she was still "Tiffany") Million, Tiffany Mynx, Rebecca Bardoux, Brittany O'Connell and Sierra were still fairly new; and when one could still see much-missed supporting players like Francesca Le and Cody O'Connor.

And if that's not enough, this was also Tina Tyler's premiere American performance.

But aside from terrific sex and decent non-sex acting, these discs offer, besides the usual chapter buttons, what has become an Evil Angel staple: the Fetish Menu. Among the sex acts that can now be immediately accessed are rimming, tit-fucking, A2M, d.p., gaping assholes, and just about anything else a viewer might be looking for for his/her sexual enjoyment. There's also something labeled "specialty chapter," which takes the viewer directly to tease performances, anal fingering, anal plug use, and in Part I, a butt contest. Included as well are an autobiography of John "Buttman" Stagliano, a bio of Rocco, and a chance to look over Stagliano's shoulder (literally) as he watches parts of the film and comments on what's on-screen.

On the down side, too many of the photos in the photo gallery are out of focus, and the interface too easily returns the viewer to the main menu, forcing a restart of the gallery from its beginning. The menu also contains an entry for "star biographies," but they apparently don't exist on either disc and can't be accessed.

The Stagliano film commentaries themselves are more than enough reason to carry these discs, but your customers will grab them off the shelves for all the reasons mentioned above. Stock, stock, STOCK!

Drawing an analogy to another epic film, Face Dance is The Ten Commandments of porn, a spectacle which staggers the senses and occasionally amuses with its own self importance.

Like DeMille, Stagliano has assembled the stellar talent and then let them recklessly chew the scenery, or in this case, each other. The result is an erotic masterpiece that will be remembered as a wave-crest in the history of adult films. It opens in a spooky warehouse, where a scantily clad Cody O'Connor is being pursued by an older man. She rebuffs him, taking on three younger lovers simultaneously ... but all is not as it seems.

Pull back to reveal: The scene is a "rehearsal" for a film being shot by the Director, Julian (Joey Silvera). He and the Producer, Susan (Tiffany Million), are discussing the male lead. They decide to replace him with another actor. Cut to Dario (Rocco Siffredi) arriving in L.A., being picked up (literally) and ravaged by Angel Ash. Suddenly he's manhandled and kidnapped!

At this juncture, the film lurches from a deadpan drama to a lofty Buttman adventure. Awakening in the seaside home of his tush-obsessed friend (Stagliano), the actor is treated to a "Welcome to America" party by a bevy of horny babes. Tiffany Minx, Sheila Stone, Sierra and Chrissy Ann play an outrageous game of blindfolded butt-teasing with Dario and his new American buddies (Tom Byron, Woody Long, and Rick Smears). The subsequent orgy is a lengthy, ferociously animalistic set-piece which is simply a prelude for things to come.

This premise, slim enough to fit into your back pocket, is a blueprint for Face Dance, jumping back and forth from the content of Silvera's "film" to the "reality" of Dario's extracurricular outings with Buttman. This dream logic is interwoven well, but it does beg a few nagging questions: Why, for example, do the producers of a legitimate film hire a notorius porn star for their lead, but attempt to hide his identity? And why, during a "reality" scene where Byron and Dario get it on with Sierra and Chrissy Ann, are all the lights and reflectors in plain sight? (This kind of oversight is akin to a microphone boom slipping into a mainstream movie).

Nevertheless, the latter scene is one of the most scorching four-ways ever committed to film, with Siffredi proving to be (arguably) the best living cocksmith in the business. He plunges his Italian sausage so deep up Sierra's butt that you'd half expect it to poke out her mouth!

In  a word,  Rocco  is  outstanding. Crushed under the relentless drain of rehearsals, he vents his spleen most convincingly in a stressful gym workout with Tiffany Million. The atmosphere is absolutely charged, but the sexual tension is never consumated.

This leads to the most invigorating non-Rocco sex scene in the movie, wherein Tiffany teases Steve Drake and his cohorts (Tony Tedeschi and Nick E.) to the point of utter frustration. She's rips her Danskin provocatively, but as the employees, they have to wait for her to make the first move. When she does, you'll clutch your couch, transfixed at the infinite ways one woman can pleasure three men.

There are so many fine throwaway bits in Face Dance that it would take a whole issue just to list them, but a few highlights would include: Kiss and Rebecca Bardoux playing "hide the butt plug", and Silvera teaching Brittany and Francesca Le the deeper meaning of "method" acting.

The story finally comes full circle when "reality" mimics the opening scene; only this time it's Dario pursuing Susan, and this time the encounter is consumated in a big way, with the Italian Stallion riding her rump, slapping maniacally and yanking her hair like a rein!

If Stagliano can be taken to task for anything, it's that his vision is so pure from conception to execution, that the sheer intensity of viewing both parts back to back may make your brain explode. (You should be so lucky!) Many sex scenes clock in at a whopping thirty minutes apiece, letting the action build to a natural, gushing climax.

All the actors acquit themselves perfectly, with Joey Silvera deserving special mention as the manipulator supreme. ("Give me truth — Now say the line! Truth! Line!")

Face Dance is Buttman on 35 millimeter steroids by way of classic Cecil Howard (Star Angel). Missing out on this is not just an oversight; it's a crime; they'll be talking about this duo for years to come. Stores should stock double their usual take on Evil Angel releases.

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