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Cockateer 2

Cockateer 2

Released Feb 01st, 1992
Running Time 85
Director Scotty Fox
Company Legend Video
Cast Shayla LeVeaux, J.B. (I), T.T. Boy, Buck Adams, Alexis DeVell, Randy West, Lucky (I), Francessca
Critical Rating AAAA
Genre Feature



Holy thruster pack!!! Has the Cockateer gone completely over the edge? Has he forsaken his oath to uphold justice, honor and America's collective right to enjoy a sustained erection to ally himself with the arch villain Screwball?

That's pretty much the sum of what happens in this Cockateer sequel, as hero Rand Millstrom (Buck Adams) goes over to the dark side – or, at least we think he does. Rand's motives? "The bad guys get all the good chicks." Well, that seems to be the way it works, at least in Los Angeles and the mythical Horn Dog City, home of the Cockateer.

As a sequel, I think Cockateer 2 in some ways is far more effective than the original for the simple reason it gets its butt off the sound stage and on location. Psychologically and visually, this is very uplifting for the viewer but detrimental to the development of at least one major character – Doc O' Herlihy (Randy West). Whereas Doc's whole articulation is based in the laboratory with his test tubes and goofy equipment, in Cockateer 2he looks more like a tourist in Cabo San Lucas passing the time away in a cantina looking for hot chicks.

Buck Adams' Rand Millstrom character is more bland than Rand from The Cockateer, but that seems to be for several reasons, one of which is to give more screen time to developing a sexual aura – one of the original feature's weak points. Here, we're given several banner sex scenes, both through inventive camera angling, video editing and concept. Screwball's henchwomen (Francessca and Shayla LeVeaux) are stunning little minxes. LeVeaux's masturbation scene on a swing bed is a fiendishly neat device to mentally torture Millstrom who's shackled to a bed post in his white jockey shorts and can't get within reach of her – so you were expecting Rand to be dangling over a crocodile pit? Get real.

Alexis DeVell as Wendy Wright is adorable, mourning he loss of her well-hung boyfriend. Her girlfriend Heather Koont is played to little brat perfection by K.C. Williams. When Heather tries to wise Wendy up as to Rand's motives for being MIA, Wendy/Alexis rationalizes in her ditzy way that he must be home programming his VCR. There are a lot of cute, tossaway lines like this that should put you on ear-alert. Solid, campy performances aside, Alexis and K.C. both get to deliver a couple of nifty sex scenes, and K.C.'s pairing with Buck draws more fire from her than I've seen from this blonde cutie in many a moon.

I think the boxcover gives more away than it should, because revelation of Adams' evil twin is one of the cute little hooks in this video. The Screwball character played by T.T. Boy is like a Paz Easter egg dye version of The Joker. Screwball can be wickedly anarchic (he's running for President on the anti-porn ticket), but T.T. plays him a little more restrained than we saw in the original feature – his character needs someone to mix it up with, and Madison's Felicia Powers or someone similar is an ideal catalyst missing from the pack.

Cockateer 2 voices an intelligence that goes beyond labeling it as an adult video goof on comic books. The wit is subtle and there are some clever visual gimmicks. Jim Holliday's voiceovers are comic book authentic and have an old radio-style authenticity about them that are extremely effective. I would suggest that if there is any adult concept that has arisen in this video age that deserves the film treatment, it's the Cockateer. I would love to see what could be done with an expanded budget, but such as it is, it's a remarkable achievement in this era of one-day shoots.

If you haven't seen the first Cockateer, consider this an ideal opportunity in a double-feature.

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