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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Wow, allow me to catch my breath. Cameron Grant's The Dinner Party, with it's slick soundtrack, great acting and beautiful camera work is both aurically and visually stimulating. (Oh yeah, the sex kicks ass). As host of the eponymous party, Steve Drake encourages his guests to let loose with their innermost fantasies. They let loose all right, like a Nolan Ryan fastball. My mitt's still stinging!!

Stepping into the conjugal confessional initially is Kaylan Nicole. She looks absolutely beautiful (as does the entire cast) as she tells of her dreams of men on horseback. The two-man posse of Marc Wallice and Nick East gallop in and circle her wagon. The boys very nicely begin a tongular search of Kaylan for saddle sores. They patiently take turns, both giving and receiving and eventually release upon this fine filly.

Randy West explains to the group that two women exchanging recipes can be equally exciting. Juli Ashton and Tammy Parks really cook in the ensuing culinary treat. The girls exchange chocolate, sifted flour, a ewer of milk, butter and egg whites in this cholesterol nightmare. But who's counting triglycerides? Tammy butters up Juli and allows her fingers to swim in her Land O' Lakes. Nice usage of double exposure as the girls conclude with a grinding of their delectables.

The white satin-draped bed and white lingerie accentuate Crystal Gold's beautifully tanned body. As she wriggles and writhes upon her Serta Sleeper, Fabio look-alike Vince Voyeur appears. Slowly and deliberately, they orally gratify each other, Sensual music and tight editing make this hot scene sizzle. The fuckfest culminates with a nice reaction shot of the tanned, toned twosome.

"One if by land, two if by sea." Mark Davis chooses the latter and enjoys Yvonne and Kylie Ireland in a water wonderland. Shooting through water, Grant gives us a moist feeling all over as the trio worship one another's waterlogged bods. In a well-lit scene, Mark steps beyond the waterfall and is followed by the pair. His working of Kylie ( a great standing fuck), bending of Yvonne, and the girls subsequent synchronized sucking will have you on your feet applauding.

To quote Al Pacino in the Godfather III, "Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in." Celeste, Debi Diamond and Misty Rain achieve gynecologic glory. This scene alone could take two pages, so allow me to capsulize. Double edged dildo, pussy devouring, girl-girl-girl, tit fucking, fingers in the ass, pearl necklace in the ass, spanking, double penetration, all in an array of positions. You will never look at a pair of stirrups the same way again — unless you happen to be a jockey.

In a much more subdued, sexy soiree, Steve Drake and Vanessa Chase roast more than marshmallows at their campsite. With a soft blue back light and a fire flickering, Steve and Vanessa explore each other's wilderness. The head and reverse cowgirl is executed to perfection and when Steve bends her over, the anal embers fly. Again, great camera work as he spews on her shaking sphincter.

Role reversal is discussed by Crystal and Celeste and followed up by Diva and Daisy. The double D's (adorned in leather and a whip) manhandle Frank Towers. They bend him over, mount him and spank him like a two year-old at Belmont. They bind his dick and share a good lick. The girls enjoy each other as Frank does some boot licking. Upon cumming (in a nicely framed shot) he's then ordered to go.

It's now Randy West's turn to let his imagination run rampant. He envisions strangers, Asia Carrera and Jerry Pike, introducing themselves. The tattooed, chiseled body of welder, Jerry, and the soft, refined body of Asia make for a nice contrast. The pair make good use of a garden hose as well as their mouths and organs.

Cocktease extraordinaire Norma Jean puts on a private peep show for Sean Michaels. Sean's clawing and scratching at the glass that separates him from the seductively stripping Norma. This short but sweet scene climaxes as Sean takes matters into his own hands and shoots his Windex (it does streak) upon the pane. The Dinner Party concludes with all of the guests re acquiring their appetites — for each other. The pairs of 1) Steve Drake and Kaylan Nicole, 2) Mark Davis and Crystal Gold and 3) Randy West and Celeste will satisfy even those with an insatiable hunger.

The Dinner Party is one of the finest films made in a long time. Classy and beautiful. I'd better stop here for fear of using every expletive I know. Rent it, buy it, stock it — whatever you gotta do, watch it!! (Don't forget, the salad fork is on the far left.)

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