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For those who haven't been following the Tailiens series, it's the year 2012 and the CIA has for the last 18 years operated a string of bordellos where the agency conducts covert sexual research.  Years of unauthorized experiments have created various mutations: several multilegged alien creatures and a humanoid with a vagina where her mouth should be.

The third and final installment to Pachard's futuristic Tailiens "epic" only suffers slightly from the dominance of the "Pussy Face" character that was introduced in the last moments of #2.  Sharon Kane, possessing the most beautiful and expressive eyes in the business, plays the creature silently with pathos and dignity.  And it should be noted that, while it's difficult to get all hot and bothered over this grotesque mutant, Pachard's trying to make several statements at once and achieves a surprisingly effective narrative balance.

Unfortunately, because so much is going on and so much has gone before, Tailiens 3 doesn't stand up very well by itself.  Still, the performances are first-rate throughout, as are the overall production values.  And the sex scenes, when they're not too weird, are very stimulating.  The F/X, as good as this genre gets, also deserve to be mentioned.

If you've seen the first two, don't miss this one.  And, for retailers who stock the first two, this is a "must stock" item.

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