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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Ski Bunnies 1 & 2

Ski Bunnies 1 & 2

Released Jun 01st, 1994
Running Time 77 (each)
Director Stuart Canterbury
Company Heatwave Entertainment
Critical Rating Not Yet Rated
Genre Feature



Aside from the cool box graphics (featured on our February cover) this vid is pretty much a snow job. The idea of a few parties being booked into the same vacation lodge makes for potential cabin fever, but I've seen more high-spirited flesh chomping by soccer teams stranded in the Andes. Standing around in an apparent hypothermic daze, it's hard to tell if the cast is waiting for direction or the next ice age; whichever comes first. (Stuck in a puerile story like this, I can't say I blame them.)

Getting each pair of performers into the bedroom without crossing paths is a contrived affair not unlike like saying one climbs Everest because it's there. Sure, the mountaintop exists. Only in this case, it should have been more cleverly surmounted. More importantly, however, is the sad fact that the cabin bound action barely takes advantage of the real mountain locations; a sole exception being a moderately hot exterior fling with Alicia Rio and Steve Houston, who eats her Eskimo pie with authentic desire. Were it only a roll in the drifts rather than a blanket tryst...

If viewers find the mild girl/girl encounter with Dyanna Lauren and Veronica Sage to be a disappointment, one can only hazard a guess to the reaction to a three-way with Gerry Pike, Lady Berlin and Jay Ashley, which brings new meaning to the phrase "suspended animation". Repetitive hip-hop soundtrack simply adds an even bigger chill to the scene than necessary. Tony Tedeschi's northern pole is waxed by Nikki Shane; an anal fling between Nikki Sinn and Alex Sanders reveals the penetration shot after a few minutes of implied butt-humping. Once his log actually enters Nikki's furrowed fireplace, some palpable heat is generated.

In Part 2 we find ski-cabin mates Dyanna Lauren, Nikki Sinn and Veronica Sage up to their snowballs in guests; before long the resentment of sharing their tiny confines melts away, as they pair off for frozen asset action. The good news is that much of the prequel's whining dialogue has been cut to a minimum. Only a threadbare scenario to link the sex scenes remains. The bad news is that the standard five gropes make this frivolous trip to Big Bear play more like Peary's endless trudge to the North pole.

Steve Drake works Veronica Sage into a frenzy with tongue and finger, but when the time comes to plunge her asshole, the camera drifts to equatorial regions, missing a clear penetration shot. The fireplace is an enticing background for Dyanna Lauren's solo, yet her bra never comes off. Isn't this the naked lady business anymore? Nicole London snags two snowbound exterior scenes with Alex Sanders and Alicia Rio. Considering these performers can melt a polar cap on a bad day, one wonders if they were as distracted by the annoying soundtrack buzz as I was.

The tip of your iceberg may poke up during a three-way d.p., as Alex Sanders and Gerry Pike wrap around Nikki Sinn, frosting her ass and face like a Klondike bar. As Marlin Perkins might say, "the elusive penetration shot is finally captured." Nicely packaged, but the first Ski Bunnies (featured on the February AVN cover) is a better video.

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