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House of Sleeping Beauties

House of Sleeping Beauties

Released Jan 01st, 1993
Running Time 75
Director Paul Thomas
Company Vivid Entertainment Group
Cast Tom Byron, Steve Drake, Madison (I), Marc Wallice, Paula Harlow, Savannah (I), Tom Chapman, Jamie Summers (I), Flame, Francesca Lé
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2
Genre Film



House of Sleeping Beauties is one of those films that makes "next to no lick of sense, but it sure looks purty."

Call it typecasting, but Marc Wallice plays an artist who walks around like he's on the planet Jupiter. Wallice is sweating over a painting, and even though he's offered words of encouragement by girlfriend Jamie Summers, he just can't seem to finish it.

That being the case, Wallice, full of artist's sturm und drang, wanders aimlessly against a backdrop of wind-swept vistas and breath-taking pastel sunsets that would make a graduate of a sensitivity session cry like a baby. He chances upon a mysterious house (a disappearing one, at that) that's full of some nifty-looking antiques and sees Savannah masturbating on the living room couch. She beckons him, in the way Gregory Peck did to the doomed whalers in Moby Dick. This, of course, is not to be read as implying that Savannah looks like a whale, is an antique, or that she looks like Gregory Peck.

While Wallice (who seems to have gotten a new lease on life in the sex biz with his longer, flowing mane) is busy dotting his "i's" and crossing his "t's" with the painting - it's gradually taking on the likeness of Savannah - some marvelous sex scenes are happening around him, either with him looking on or participating. Several are absolutely gorgeous to behold, as when he takes Jamie Summers doggie-style in the elegiac splendor of the outdoors as the wind sweeps through their hair, or in a three-way which involves Wallice, Summers and Flame. Some of the scenes are much too short; for instance, when Madison butt-plugs P.J. Sparxx in the ol' swimming hole. It's there for a brief flicker and gone. Other scenes are a little less than clear, as when Wallice walks out in the middle of a blow job which Madison's administering to him. Go figure.

Wallice keeps venturing back and forth to the house and encounters groups of weird, naked, beckoning people who look like they stepped out of Rosemary's Baby. Another go figure.

The dialogue is kept to an absolute bare minimum, allowing time to develop the eroticism - and it's time well spent. Those who like it "dirty" and fell they're not serviced by made-for-cable movies are in for the shock of their lives. Here's dirty: Tom Byron gives Francesca Le a resounding butt-fuck in a swimming pool sequence, and Summers, who works overtime (brilliantly) in this opus, gets the anal bead treatment in her threesome with Byron and Tom Chapman. Savannah is used most sparingly and is almost like window dressing to the main action.

House of Sleeping Beauties is an absolutely gorgeous film with a load of outdoor sex scenes. It has the feel of an Andrew Blake picture done in real time without all the fancy edits. But if screenwriter Rick Marx got paid by the word, he'd still probably have to borrow a quarter to get a cup of coffee in this town. Excellent, pretty packaging helps make this a sure top seller.

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