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Taxi Girls 3:

Taxi Girls 3:

Released Feb 01st, 1994
Running Time 90
Director Jourdan Alexander
Company Jourdan Alexander Video
Critical Rating AAA
Genre Feature



Sean Rider plays an urban psycho who bumps off taxi drivers quicker than you can say Travis Bickle. But the real killer seems to be the decision to place live dialogue in the hands of the performers in this otherwise enormously ambitious video exercise. I mean, Taxi Girls 3 should do very well in both its English and Spanish language, versions and the sex does work. But it's kind of like putting a jar of meat tenderizer within the easy reach of Jeffrey Dahmer. Seems like everyone was having a bad acting day.

Aye, and there's the rub, because we expect so much more out of this, but having Rider, for instance, in what's supposed to be the feature's dramatic moment, saying, "I kill people, because I can."? That's insufferably poor form. Or when the following exchange develops between Rider and cab driver Sydney Grace, one of Rider's stalked birds of prey, you've got to wonder what's the real agenda of this fare:

Rider: "I couldn't destroy something as beautiful as you."

Grace: "I guess I take that as a compliment."

Ongoing exhibitions of this style of writing ensnare the viewer in the crossfire between high camp and low comedy (check out the scene in the police station where one of the cops renders his lines with the flair of a George Romero zombie). I don't think burlesque is the intention of Taxi Girls 3, however. The sex fares better. The opening tryst between Brittany O'Connell and her burrito Romeo, Tony Montana, results in an alleged internal cum shot, via the spoon position. Or at least we have Brittany's word on that, since her character winds up pregnant and in the care of a doctor who looks like comedian Paul Rodriguez, which, concerning the circumstances of this vid, is a kind of poetic justice.

Taxi driver Alicia Rio picks up lost soul Joey Verducci, who's looking for his, he presumes, missing sister Maria (who's actually working for Montana). Kidnapped? Possibly dead? Alicia's bimboesque "have a nice day" retorts in the face of a possible family crisis make you want to slap some sense into her. Joey and Alicia, however, consummate the cab fare with a series of deft naked body maneuvers and foot licking resulting in the vid's best scene by far.

A girl/girl scene between dispatcher Tiffany Million and investigating police officer Rebecca Wild is cursory and disappointingly brief, considering the potential dynamics these two represent. A minus for this production.

Pretty Sydney Grace should stick with anal videos for the time being, because what she does for acting (or what acting does to her), exacts irreparable damage to the reputation of the craft. No her fault entirely —again, blame a script that orchestrates a roadside quickie between her and Rider, only to have it become a victim of absurdist coitus interruptus (Ron Jeremy), when the law intrudes in a Keystone Cops scenario, hauling Rider away handcuffed and bare-assed with his balls dangling.

In the social commentary style of Night of the Coyote, Taxi Girls 3 scores big points as a technical and visual achievement, but, in the acting department, needs to call a cab. Market with Parts 1 & 2, obviously. If you have Spanish-speaking clientele, order the Spanish version, shot with live dialogue, not dubbed.

Also stars Diva, Steve Drake, China Mai, Alex San Paul, Bob Verna, Jourdan Alexander, Paul Banion, Jane Waters, Rober Lazer, Dave Disilva, Guy Disilva, Amanda Adams.

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