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Director's Dilemma 1 & 2

Director's Dilemma 1 & 2

Released May 01st, 1995
Running Time 55
Director Michael Keye
Company Bon-Vue
Cast Ricki, Angela Faith, Michael Keye, Desi DeAngelo
Critical Rating Not Yet Rated
Genre Specialty



Bondage actresses Desi DeAngelo, Angella Faith and Ricki wait for their director, who is a no-show!  What do they do now?  Luckily for the viewer, gopher Michael Keye wanders by and suggests that they shoot "on spec."  Is it ever spectacular!  Both videos include loving shots of the lovely ladies, lots of interactive domination, and plenty of action.  B&D fans, trust me when I say, "These vids will get you hot."

In DD1, Desi and company start out by playing with the bondage props on the set.  After they giggle and fool around for a while, Michael remembers that they're not rolling tape (the premise remembered at last!), so he leaves Desi in charge.  Oh, mama, is she ever in charge!  With Angella tied in a kneeling position and Ricki tied face down, Desi delivers leather caresses without holding back.  The more Ricki complains, the more Desi gives it to her.  When Michael comes back, he picks up Angella and it's off to the dungeon for even more bondage and whipping.  Once there, Ricki's attitude does a 180 as she eagerly laps up her punishment.  She breaks her spreader bar and Desi lets her have it with the flogger.  Whap!

In the closing scene for Part 1, Angella plays dominatrix to Desi, who is just as responsive a submissive as she is an authoritative dominant.  With dildos in hand, Angella retires to the bedroom with her slave for some off-camera fun.  Ahhhhh!

But wait, there's more.  Part 2 picks up (more or less) where part one leaves off.  Michael is the director this time, and they get right down to business.  During a long, loving pan of Angela's thigh high boots, she massages her legs for the camera.  You can almost taste the leather as Angella tells Michael, "The boots make me feel submissive."  After Michael tastes her boots (jealous?), he ties her up and uses a silver bullet vibrator on her.  (Excuse me, I need to take a shower.)

It's time for dinner, but Desi and Ricki can't get to their plates.  You see, they're tied up.  Angella, the "Mistress of the Hour," joins Michael in whipping the women's breasts.  They don't like it, and it shows!  Michael gets so worked up that he starts nibbling on Angella.  When Desi protests, she gets her hands whipped.  Michael then puts an inflatable ball gag into Desi's mouth and inflates it with a hand pump.  (Just how big does that thing get, anyway?)  Delightfully, Desi steps out in style as dominatrix, and it's Angella's turn to pay for all that punishment.  For the rest of the video, Desi makes both Angella and Ricki admit that they're sluts, they deserve to be treated like dogs, etc.

This is the kind of stuff B&D fantasies are made of!

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