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Perversity in Paris

Perversity in Paris

Released Apr 01st, 1995
Running Time 83
Director Katinka Dudas
Company AVICA Entertainment
Cast Lisa (I), Ambre, Maeva, Yves Champion, Baillat, Oles, Guy, Maddy (I), Tanya (I), Barbara Doll, Jacques, Adonis (I)
Critical Rating AAA 1/2
Genre Gonzo



Like the Left Bank artist who's sketching Barbara Doll by the Seine under the opening credits, this vid drafts a rough outline resembling a plot; then lets the viewer fill in the rest. To stretch a wispy analogy even further: Perversity acts on the libido much the way Picasso does on the intellect; i.e. content overcomes style. But what form!

Right out of the starting gage is a lengthy lesbothon between Maeva and Ambre, which has only a tangential relation to the main story. If it weren't awards-worthy, I'd say it was superfluous, but the action is absolutely scorching! In juicy screen-filling close-ups, tongues and dildos fly up the butt quicker than an unauthorized biography, and that's merely a portent of things to cum.

We meet Barbara Doll saving a fellow Frog from jumping into the Seine. Flashbacks reveals his despondency is due to his wife's dalliances. "I'm sorry, but I just like to fuck," she apologizes lamely.(I think I'll save that one for a clinch!) Now, there's nothing better to perk up a potential suicide victim than an orgy, so she takes him to a swinger's mansion which resembles Hugh Hefner's retreat during the height of the free-love era.

A cellar jail cell is the setting for a three-way to which Babs and her new beau charge their voyeuristic batteries. An anonymous trio engage in some decent fucking, which (despite the lack of initial penetration shots) still generates heat and gets in tight with the close-ups again during the anal portion of the show. Whimsical porn logic creates a Lucite dildo from thin air for Doll to diddle with. Soon the plastic penis is snaking up her butthole like a plumber's helper, and Mr. Suicide is feeling perkier than hell!

A full-blown orgy (with half a dozen more participants) is up next, and when I say full blown, you should see the sword-swallowing redhead live up to the phrase! Real, foamy pussy juice and wince-inducing anal penetration shots support a recent Playboy Sex Survey which states that the French are boning more butt nowadays. At this point the plot fizzles out like a flat Coke but when Doll takes her Kervorkian lover home for a ball-draining blow-job and a tit-humping finale, the viewer himself may die from exhaustion. What a way to go! A sultry box with Babs will move units.

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