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DMJ 5: The Inferno is a miraculous synthesis of substance and style. Gregory Dark animates Selwyn Harris's nomination-worthy script—a radical reexamination of conventional morality—with exhilarating, MTV-style sex scenes and nifty special effects,creating a warped masterpiece.

This is more retelling of Devil in Miss Jones than a sequel. In case it's been a while since you saw the original, the basic story concerns a beautiful young woman (Justine Jones, played by Juli Ashton) who ends her own repressed, sexless life and is condemned to Hell.

Rip Hymen plays the Devil. Addressing the audience directly, he builds a case for Ashton's condemnation, turning "traditional" notions of good and evil on their heads. For example, Ashton led a chaste life—according to Judeo-Christian ideals, isn't that supposed to be good? Hymen persuasively argues that God equipped Ashton with a luxuriant body literally built for sex, and to ignore her calling was to sin against nature.

Bit by bit Hymen builds his case, illustrating each point with a different sexual tableau. The sets are gorgeous, painstakingly rendered down to the smallest details. For instance, the first scene takes place at a garish carnival, the embodiment of the innate, voyeuristic urges lurking within all of us. Amanda Addams, performing better than we've ever seen her, does some honest to goodness real fire-eating (cool!) prior to fucking T.T. Boy for the benefit of an orgasm-room only audience of Ashton and oldsters Dave Cummings and Arti Choke.

Hymen also takes us to a Greek temple, where Ashton laps up the ouzo that toga boys Mark Davis, Cal Jammer and Nick East pour into Jeanna Fine's cupped hands; the Garden of Eden, where a cadre of fascist stormtroopers spread Nikole Lace's angelic wings to taste her anal apple; and an English manor, where Lord Jon Dough and Lord Tom Byron genteelly double-penetrate Vanessa Chase.

The visual wizardry of the sex scenes – quick-cut editing timed to Dino & Earl Ninn's rock/dance score – tends to hamstring the erotic heat somewhat. (rather than dropping your pants and jerking off, this is a video that will make you want to drop acid and trip out.) But as always with Dark, this is eyecandy of the highest caliber. Retailers, merchandise this to the sky. It's one of those adult "event" features that only comes along a  couple of times a year. And come awards time, remember DMJ 5 with nominations for music, editing (R.T. Asmodeus & D3), art direction, writing and direction. Gregory Dark's career has attained a new pinnacle.

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