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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Gregory Dark's Shocking Truth

Gregory Dark's Shocking Truth

Released Dec 01st, 1996
Running Time 137
Director Gregory Dark
Company Darkworks
Distribution Company Evil Angel
Cast Dave Hardman, Gine Rome, Jay Ashley, Mr. Marcus, Chloe (I), Star Chandler, Tricia Deveraux, Tracy Love, Jeremy Steele (I), Kyle Stone (straight), Tommy Gunn, Red (I), Ken Dahl, Spice, John Decker, Devon Shore, Sophia Ferrari, Paul Cox, Claudio (I)
Critical Rating AAAAA
Genre Gonzo



Take a trip on the River Styx (or is it dicks?) as disturbing sexual fantasies are made concrete by the reining lord and master of the sexual underworld. Seven nubile women perch, legs akimbo, in a sort of electric chair (aptly, a veritable hot seat it is!) and, amidst the bizarre set and props made weirder by stark lighting, are asked a battery of questions by Dark himself.

Doe-eyed Spice is, for all first impressions, an innocent college student. But when interviewed by the Dark master (of whom all we see are his piercing, leonine eyes), we learn of her underlying fixation with her stepdaddy. Jeremy Steele, Red and Claudio, all in fake fatherly mustaches, with fatherly pipes clenched firmly in their teeth, oblige most happily to fuck the little bitch but good.

When Tricia Devereaux, accompanied by slave Gina Rome, admits to having known only a few men who were not "pigs," we know that anticipatory shiver zinging up our spine is there for a reason. Whoosh! And she is laying back on a velveteen bed, vibrator up her punk twat, with the lanky, dark-haired Rome administering her slippery tongue to Deveraux's plump clit. In the background, three not-so-little snoutnosed pigs (Claudio, John Decker, Paul Cox) are stroking their piggie dicks as they watch the scene before them, ready to take turns stuffing her ham hocks with their pork rolls. And then, after each of them cums on Devereaux's breasts, it is the faithful slave Rome who is there to scoop it up with a spoon and deposit the steaming spew into Deveraux's eagerly opening mouth.

Sophia Ferrari, with those lush, cocksucking lips, looks into the camera with unblinking liquid amber eyes and, as she fingers her pussy, says in her thick Italian accent, "Yes, I lose always-a control when I fuck. Sex is my drugs. I turn-a into one beeg cunt when I fuck." She proves this by working up a frothing lather of abundant saliva strands when sucking on the mighty dick of Mr. Marcus. Decker, who looks into the camera as he throttles her, grins with an "ain't I one lucky son of a bitch?" kind of braggadocio and slides his linguini up her cannelloni, making her gasp and heave. When Mr. Marcus embeds that enormous chocolate joystick of his up her shit hatch, Ferrari's back arches as she screams "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"; eyes rolling back into her head in full rutting fever. You then find yourself feverishly praying for more women like her to populate your own world.

As he interviews each of the lovely young women, Dark's role here is akin to an evil, other-dimensional Ed Powers, the difference being that Dark leaves the actual fucking to the studs who landscape the vid. To perfectly sum it all up, when the master asks the brooding Chloe what scares her about the dark, she replies, "It's not the darkenss outside that scares me. It's the darkness inside that scares me."

Long live Gregory Dark.

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