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Penetrator 2.

Penetrator 2.

Released Jun 01st, 1996
Running Time 80
Director Nic Cramer
Company Pleasure Productions
Cast Dick Nasty, Jonathan Morgan, Melissa Hill, Kim Kataine, Kaitlyn Ashley, Kyle Stone (straight), Alberto Rey, Christoper Sharp, Selena (I), Lovette, Sid Deuce, Tom Byron, Alec Metro, Jay Ashley
Critical Rating AAAA
Genre Film



Penetrator 2 gets much better when you go from video to DVD. Lots of little nuances, especially in the sound, get lost in the video transfer and emerge clearly on the DVD. This is also a film that gets better with age. Under-promoted when originally released by Pleasure Productions, this gem in the underserved action-adult market now has a chance to soar in the new format.

Heavily plotted with some shorter, staccato sex scenes and plenty of fully-realized hardcore scenes, it's a perfect couples vehicle (women don't always want soft lighting and seduction, they want sex and story, as well).  Melissa Hill turns in a superb sexual and acting performance, as does the rest of the cast.  You can witness the beginning of director Nic Cramer's evolution into one of adult's top directors.

A simple menu offers limited interactive stuff: jump to a scene, biographies of the stars and a photo gallery.  Good sound, digital video quality and excellent content (the film was nominated for several AVN Awards, including Best Film) make this an important addition to your DVD stock.

With a crackle of lightning and ozone smoke, the Penetrator enters our dimension, searching for his intended victim. Jonathan Morgan portrays the evil, emotionless android who's been sent from the future to penetrate Kaitlyn Ashley, thereby altering the fate of the entire human race. He first encounters a police officer, played by the dark and spicy Selena, whom he immediately throws upon the squad car for a rough pummeling with his meat baton. Pushing her face against the windshield, he drives deep and hard into her pussy before glazing her face with spunk, then discourteously killing her by snapping her neck.

Melissa Hill, essaying the Linda Hamilton role, suffers in her asylum cell, impulsively and uncontrollably masturbating in a sweaty, heaving frenzy, flailing her pussy harder and harder against the bedpost. Of course, nobody believes her ravings about a man-like machine whose mission is to impregnate both her and daughter Kaitlyn. The vampy Lovette plays a sadistic guard who delightedly ties up a catatonic Hill with leather restraints, then evilly takes advantage of her, first sucking on Hill's scrumptious areolae, then forcing her ruby-tipped fingers and, later her rigid black nightstick, into Hill's velvety pudendum.

Thank goodness the good Penetrator (beefy Euro-stud Alberto Rey) arrives to protect our heroines from the evil Morgan. Landing naked at a roadside gas station, he encounters sexy biker chick Sid Deuce and demands her bike and leather jacket. "Fuck you!" she says, and receives what she asks for. Wrapping her bow-shaped lips around his thick, uncut cock in a long, drooly b.j., Deuce then arches backwards over her motorcycle as Rey fills her cunt in a ball-draining roadside fuck.

Morgan draws near, searching the asylum in which Hill is held. After killing Lovette, he assumes her shape and identity in a cool morphing sequence. In his new form, he takes hospital orderlies Dick Nasty and Jay Ashley into a storage area for drippingly humid fuck and suck. While she/it sucks Nasty's dick, Jay slathers her snatch with spit and then they trade off, throwing her legs up in the air to take turns fucking her roseate slit. Ashley drills her with a hard dose of anal dick-missile plunges before both men bestow a frothy, double-sided facial on her, which she laps up as if it were her last meal. Her business done, she confidently turns around, re-morphs back into the evil Penetrator, and rudely shoots them both in a post-coital, black widow maneuver.

Liberally burrowed from the mainstream hit Terminator 2, Penetrator 2 delivers nomination-worthy state-of-the-art computer animation effects, not to mention Euro-stud newcomer Rey and AVN Female Performer of the Year Kaitlyn Ashley. Also noteworthy is the military-beat, electro-fuzz guitar soundtrack that drives the steamy sex with a rat-a-tat-tat into your subconscious. You'll be back….

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