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Le Parfum De Mathilda

Le Parfum De Mathilda

Released Apr 01st, 1996
Running Time 90
Directors Marc (I), Jean Rollin
Company Vivid Entertainment Group
Cast Elodie, Elisabeth Stone, Manon, Julia Chanel, Eric Weiss, Kathy (I), Richard Langin, Christophe Clark, Draghixa, Thomas Smith, Simona Valli, David Perry, Maeva
Critical Rating Not Yet Rated
Genre Film



 Le Parfum De Mathilda weaves a chilling web or priceless erotic simplicity. A beautifully constructed young virgin (Draghixa) rides with her guardians to the home of her husband-to-be (Christophe Clark) who by all accounts is a lecher in the most vulgar sense of the word. Clark's carnal exploits led to the mysterious disappearance of his radiant first wife Mathilda (also played by Draghixa in a mesmerizing dual role), and now the frightened bride quivers with dread anticipation between her guardians in the backseat of their Bentley limousine.

The female guardian, a slim, shapely blonde with riveting green eyes, suddenly orders the chauffeur to pull over. Upon doing so, the male guardian informs the confused Draghixa that she must learn to serve her new husband's sexual needs to utmost satisfaction, and everyone disembarks from the car. The chauffeur then whips out his sock, and the female guardian goes down on him as the jovial male guardian explains the finer points of oral love to the shocked Drighixa. As if all this weren't enough to fully challenge the young girl's sanity, the female guardian further irritates matters by allowing the chauffeur to bone her up the ass, something the shelter Draghixa never even considered humanly possible.

Upon arrival at the home of her intended, Draghixa is forced to watch the horny kitchen maid masturbate, in an attempt to break the virginal bride's veneer of icy indifference. Draghixa fails to weaken, and the humiliated maid is d.p.'d by two butlers as punishment for her failure. The startled Draghixa can only survey her new, sexually-charged surroundings with uncomfortable astonishment.

Draghixa notices the startling similarity between herself and Mathilda, the previous mistress of the house, and circumstances take on an ominous tone when her new husband desires that she dress like his former wife, whose disappearance is never thoroughly explained. Draghixa sees her husband indulge his whims with the servants, always with a decisive anal proclivity, and the new panic-stricken bride guards her anal cherry as intently as she had one time guarded her vaginal one.

A fancy dress dinner party holds the terrible secret to Draghixa's fate, as the guests start disrobing before the main course is consumed. Our heroine sees untold debauchery unfold before her injured eyes, including all sorts of sodomistic delights. Imagine her shock when her new husband reveals that the strangely beautiful brunette sucking his cock is actually his sister! Draghixa attempts to escape, but the spirit of Mathilda seems to hold her prisoner, and a dreadful bell tools as Draghixa is led to a secluded tower bedroom. Pity the tragic young girl as she notices a procession of black-robed figures carrying torches and slowly ascending the stairs to her room.

Le Parfum De Mathilda is co-directed by international acclaimed French director Jean Rollin, whose sex/horror films, such as The Nude Vampire, Phantasmes, and The Living Dead Girl, have been thrilling European film fans for decades. Rollin's sense of foreboding atmosphere plays flawlessly in Le Parfum De Mathilda, which will please even the most demanding connoisseur of hardcore foreign diversions.

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