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Anne Sprinkle's Herstory of Porn

Anne Sprinkle's Herstory of Porn

Released Oct 01st, 1999
Running Time 69
Directors Scarlot Harlot, Annie Sprinkle
Company Erospirit Institute
Cast Annie Sprinkle, Others
Critical Rating AAAAA
Genre Specialty



A wonderfully funny and entertaining journey through Sprinkle\'s life. Stock for her legion of fans\' stock for nostalgia? just stock it.


Okay, we admit there is an ever-growing soft spot in our hearts for Our Lady of Sprinklers. And why the hell not? A pioneer in every sense of the word, she's always funny, bright, entertaining and completely honest; an actress who truly enjoyed her work. Most porn young-uns today don't realize what a huge part of history she was, in that shadowy 8mm (and 35mm) world of yesteryear's porn. This offering is amusing, ironic, hilarious, and sometimes a little bit sad. A kind of sexual and silly Mystery Science Theatre 3000, with Sprinkler as the taking head in the corner, setting up each clip and time frame.

1973: Sprinkle's grand entrance to the world of porn… selling popcorn in an adult theater. Sees Deep Throat, meets Gerard Damiano, and asks him to teach her how to deep throat. She ends up as his mistress, and is taken to New York, where her career truly begins.

1977: Sprinkle struts out, bedecked in a vinyl bustier to showcase her numerous fetish clips (which is really what put her on the map). We're taken to San Francisco's legendary Mitchell Brothers O' Farrell theater, where Sprinkle's all-out performances showcase her ongoing experimentation with her sexuality, including how she got her name (c'mon, guess!). We're treated to priceless, rare clips (most of which will never again see the light of day), like Billy Kirk taking Sprinkle's Crisco-greased fist up his keister ("As a lubricant, it's fabulous," gushes Sprinkle); but when she mentions the clip where he takes an entire rack of billiard balls and then pops 'em out, suddenly the screen clangs shut with a big red CENSORED sign. Sprinkle's indignant. "Censored? Shit, I hate that! They're always doing this to me," she moans, and then stands up to pull a flag out of her ass, spouting what a great country we live in.

1982: At this point, Sprinkle has performed in over 100 skin flicks, all written, produced and directed by men, and decided to do one herself. In that pre-video day and age, she is met with What? Unheard of - porn written by women. The result, Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle, goes on to be the second largest-grossing adult movie of the year.

1984 sees Sprinkle becoming increasingly dissatisfied with sex. Together with longtime friend Candida Royalle, Sprinkle does the beautiful Rites of Passion, incorporating her new-found Eastern philosophical beliefs into her movies. And quite successfully at that.

1984's ominous beginning document the rise of AIDS, and the deaths of gay men around the world, including many of Sprinkle's close friends. She forms Pornographers Promoting Safer Sex, hoping the industry will follow suit with safe sex practices. To her saddened chagrin, most of the hetero industry does not. But from here on, she vows safer sex in all of her movies.

1990: Starting a new decade, Sprinkle finds herself again reflecting on her life. Was it all - was it only? - about porn? Admitting she always wanted to be an artist, from here on, she only does movies that are not mere porn but of an intrinsically artistic nature. She includes a clip of her role in noted underground filmmaker Nick Zedd's War is Menstrual Envy.

1997 sees her entering more deeply into the spiritual. Her role as a sex educator is explored, where she poses as many questions as she answers, including the humdinger about how to tell the difference between erotica and pornography (in erotica, you use a feather; in pornography, you use the whole chicken). In the end, she (and we) realize there's always plenty to learn about sexuality, and plenty to be thankful for.

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