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After a deadly martial arts encounter and a nearly blown jewel heist, anti-hero Seth Gecko flees the Colombian police on a motorcycle. As the cops close in, guns blazing, Gecko ditches the bike and jumps into the cockpit of a small airplane as it rolls down the runway. The plane takes flight, leaving the frustrated cops behind - and in the best tradition of James Bond, Gecko gets his flightstick fellated in mid-air by the pretty blonde pilot. And that's just in the first ten minutes!

What follow sis an oft-engaging X-rated espionage/action flick, the thrust of which concerns Gecko's search for ex-partner Rebecca Wild,  who's managed to steal some of the U.S. Treasury plates used for making the new $100 bills. Complicating matters are a pair of henchmen (Toby Dammit and Shawn Ricks) hired by deposed dictator Jamie Gillis (in a comic, nom-worth performance) to recover the stolen jewel from Gecko, which Gillis needs to finance a planned franchise of death camps in the jungles of South america.

And let's not forget the sex! Gecko gets road gash from rich bitch Julie Rage in the back seat of a limo. Rage then rides Gecko's lizard fore and aft, finally taking a hefty load of his ball-grease onto her apparently prehensile tongue and into her sucking mouth. Also, stripper Jeanna Fine gets a nasty d.p. from a masked gent and a strap-on wielding Misty Rain; Wild dips tongue-first into Felecia's inkwell in the printshop; and Gillis enjoys a domination scenario with bitch goddess Whally Wharton and slaves Lexi Leigh and Golden Jade. A three-way with Nici Sterling, Wilde Oscar and Dick Nasty also generates some heat as the fella's d.p. the panting, heaving Sterling to a generous double facial finish.

The special effects (designed and executed by a mainstream Hollywood company) are far superior to almost any seen in porn to date. The most impressive sequence takes place in a little cafe, where the waiter, the cashier, and a great deal of furniture and fixtures fall to a hail of bullets from the gun-toting Dammit and Ricks. It's Desperado meets Mission: Impossible as Gecko returns fire, dodging bullets and stutter-stepping his way along the bar - until a few stray shots unleash a couple-hundred gallons of water from the now-shattered lobster tanks in the wall behind him.

Fast-paced, with good performances throughout, Golden Rod scores a nomination for Gillis as Best Supporting Actor, as well as nominations for Best Special Effects, Best Packaging, and Best Film.

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