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Pam & Tommy Lee - Hardcore & Uncensored

Pam & Tommy Lee - Hardcore & Uncensored

Released Mar 01st, 1998
Running Time 56
Company IEG
Cast Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson Lee
Critical Rating AAA
Genre Feature



To some, creepy discomfort at seeing something they\'re not supposed to see. For others, titillation at best and morbid curiosity at worst. Either way, sales are going through the roof.


Don't pay too much attention to the "Quality" rating above.

The disc is made to the exacting standards of the best DVDs; the low "Q" rating is based on the sharpness of the image and the sound, which were originated on home video equipment. The footage has been computer-enhanced for this release, and alternate camera angles and a "slide show" (consisting of still frames taken from the video) have been added. While the quality of the image can't compare to other DVDs or most videotapes shot on professional equipment, what's presented here is far superior to the recent VHS release, and it absolutely blows the doors off of anything viewers might have seen on the Internet.

Besides, what you should pay attention to are the record-breaking sales and rentals of the original release on videotape. Seven weeks later, it was still at the top of our distributor sales charts (by comparison, most titles - even the  top sellers - are listed for a week or two, then disappear), and months later, retailers across the U.S. still had trouble keeping it in stock.

The bottom line: emphasize the added footage, clarity and collectibility of the DVD to your customers, and watch your ROIs soar.

(For more details regarding the content of the program, see our review of the tape in last month's issue Ed.)

Released right on the heels of Princess Diana's tragic death, at the supposed crest of public disenchantment with media-fueled exposes, IEG's "only legal version" of the private video album detailing some of Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson Lee and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee's most intimate moments has proven to be one of the hottest-selling "adult" tapes of all times. As of this writing, retailers were reporting an unprecedented demand for the video. Units move out of the stores at a pace that is impossible to keep up with, and the buzz on the whole shebang is as fresh now as it was weeks ago. The rumor that one could viddy Pammy fucking by accessing an Internet address was circulated with all the sophomoric furor accompanying a love note on the junior high underground railroad. IEG knew a gold mine when they saw one.

AVN's Dirty Bob has been asked repeatedly if Pam and Tommy took lessons from Seymore and Shane, likening the antics of the hard rock sweethearts to the salad days swooning-and-mooning in a Seymore Butts Home Video. AVN publisher Paul Fishbein calls it "a cultural phenomenon." As a voyeuristic compendium, the album is certainly a peeping Tom's (or Thomasina's) wet dream.

The tape has been digitally enhanced, so the quality is much improved over the version cybergeeks ogled on the web. It's chaptered, like a travelogue: "Pam's Birthday," "Band Rehearsal," "On the Road, Leaving for Vacation." This prompted Gene Ross to quip "Ah. So it's more like a GM Video." However, initial penetration shots aside, most of the other elements of pornography cinema are intact. Tease footage, playful flashing, gummy oral, and the obligatory money shot make up roughly one-eighth of Hardcore & Uncensored's runnnig time. The editors even saw fit to graft a little music onto the hardcore frames, and look them, slo-mo. The rest of the flick is devoted to homey portraits of Pam in make-up on the set of Barb Wire, the couple roasting marshmallows on Lake Mead; a running dog, a pile of shoes, and Tommy chain smoking without respite.

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