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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Duck Dumont's Uncut 1

Duck Dumont's Uncut 1

Released Apr 01st, 1998
Running Time 60
Director Duck Dumont
Company RedBoard Video
Cast Missy (I), Kym Wilde
Critical Rating Not Yet Rated
Genre Specialty



Imagine, if you will, the disembodied voice from the old The Outer Limits TV show: "We control all that you see and hear... reaching from the inner mind to the outer limits."

Now, apply this directive to the style of Kym Wilde.  Deceptively baby-faced, that blue-eyed sweetness comes to a screeching halt right there, as beyond it lurks an uncanny ability for finding that hidden weak spot buried deep within a submissive's psyche, and exploiting it like a P.T. Barnum sideshow on opening night.

And then there's Missy.  Unequivocally everyone's favorite, she's been lauded for her ability to play the sweet, demure girly-girl who transforms into the snarling she-beast of lust in the blink of an eye.

Let's keep these warm and fuzzy images in mind for a moment, shall we?

In this new one-take, no-edits hour-long series, Wilde practices the above-mentioned talents with a particularly sadistic fervor.  Practically smothering Missy with brutal kisses, Wilde proceeds to give her some not-so-tender love bites on the neck.  Missy hisses and gasps as her hair is suddenly yanked by its roots.  Like the flick of a switch, things go from soft and tender, to harsh and unrelentingly cruel.  Adding fuel to the fire, Wilde taunts Missy, slapping her face, telling her she's just a piece of meat.

After having gagged her with the handle of a whip 'til the blonde can no longer hold back, Wilde gets a good taste of her own strong medicine as Missy takes the dominant role.  The dividing line betwen who is Mistress and who is Slave is distorted, then rendered completely nonexistent as Missy at last loses control, hissing like a crocodile and seeming every but as deadly.  And, indeed, it's almost awkward for a moment - but only a moment - as the two catch their breath and have a sip of water.  Passion arises, as Wilde bends down to eat Missy's cunt, placating the savage beast before the Divine Mrs. M assumes the position for another hard flogging.  The emotional highs and lows come to a head as Wilde finally uncovers just the right thing to psychologically break the popular porn star down: likening her to "a piece of fuckmeat."  If you think you've seen Missy lose control before, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

While she might be physically smaller when compared to Wilde, they shy kitten becomes a raging wildcat.  Flinging the naked Wilde down onto the couch, the equally-bare Missy rages like never before.  Her arm becomes a hydraulic piston, flailing with an intensity that even causes an aggressive sub like Wilde to gasp for air.  By now, both women have left each other with such violently purple, welt-striped skin that they both look like victims of second-degree tropical sunburn.  It just about wears the viewer out, watching the peaks-and-valleys energy-exchange between the two.  Unedited footage makes for some pretty raw nerve endings here.  Stock this amazing, no-holds-barred tape for your clientele who demand the real thing.

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