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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Triple X Amateur, Vols. 84-89

Triple X Amateur, Vols. 84-89

Released Oct 01st, 1998
Running Time 56, 57, 51, 66, 83, 90
Company Reel Life Video
Cast Leo (I), Sandy (I)
Critical Rating Not Yet Rated
Genre Pro-Am



A variable series that should be watched carefully. Sell off the weak ones and restock the sexy or special ones like Volumes 86 and 89. Check your obscenity laws on fisting.


Volume 84, Hair She Is Again, features Margarette, an extremely hirsute female. She drops by the office to read her fan mail, reflect on her career, rub herself a bit, and eat some carrots. It's twenty minutes into the vid before viewers get a look at her forested cunt. Got the picture? The hair is there, but the tease gets in the way. Eventually, though, patient viewers get to watch her workout with both a dildo and vibrator.

Volume 85, Cum in the Country, has Xana swinging in a hammock and touching herself. She's tall, kinda chunky, but an appealing brunette. She moves to a shower stall where Tony joins her. She swallows dick, then they hit the mattress for a short screw before he straddles the hammock and she blows him from below. Later, essentially the same action repeats when he helps her with her sunbathing chores.

Volume 86, Young Lust, is the clear winner in this bunch. Theoretically 18 years old, Sandra is a lovely, lily-white blonde with little cone tits who jumps in the shower with her beau, Tony. He fondles her ass and holds her close. They kiss with the sensuality that can only be mustered by young lovers, head over heels for each other, who've discovered the power of their bodies to express their emotions. She drops and sucks and he's soon hard as rock. They retire to bed and she gives him that unmistakable sincere look of love before he climbs on top and starts to eat her with aplomb. She cums gently then returns the oral favors. She straddles him briefly, then they get into the mish but he can only last a couple of strokes before cumming on her belly. The next scene starts in the shower and proceeds to a bent-over-the-sink screw that jumps to a b.j. He might have had some wood problems, but they are creatively edited out. In any case, her lovely young mouth never fails to get him hard. Of course, the vid ends with them kissing and cuddling. This entire tapes deserves a pre-nom for "Most Love-Struck Young Girl." An absolute scorcher.

Volume 8, Rolls of Joy, is a different animal altogether. Kimberly is two tons o' fun. Almost literally. She uncovers her voluminous rolls of flubber, then begins demonstrating each device in a bag full of marital aids. Concerned viewers might fear that the mini-vibe she uses might be lost forever in one of her fleshy folds. She calls for a masseur, strips for him and lies down on her belly. It's doubtful he knew on which acre of flesh to begin work but, undaunted, he dives in. When he inevitably buries his face in her cunt, you wonder if he's gonna lose his whole head in there. Afterward, she gives a fine b.j. and he's rock hard, so he must like some cushion with his pushin'. They 69 and then mish fuck. The tape ends with her rolling those hips, straddling him.

Volume 88, Can I Fix Your Crankshaft?, starts with David's truck breaking down. Somehow Tammy Dee thinks a b.j. will fix it. David doesn't argue the point. Dee is a rough-looking dirty blonde, with perky tits and a clear joy for her work. At the hotel, she heads for the Jacuzzi and gives David a fast, hard b.j. as he sits on the edge. It's at least a semi-pro job, designed to get him off quickly. He returns the favor, slurping her cunt on the bed, and the two quickly start bumping uglies. She gives a good act, arching off the bed, fucking up to his dick. It's clear she's a pro fucker, a pro faker, or a bad actor. They switch through a variety of positions and he eventually falls back on using his fingers when wood becomes a problem. They part company and she drives back to her office to spend the rest of the day masturbating with a variety of dildos and vibes.

Volume 89, Biker Babes Weekend is for fans of older ladies and couples. Marla is a thin 42-year-old with sunken eyes who's crazy for her bag of marital aids. She doesn't appear to be a good enough actress to fake the several orgasms she gives herself while wearing out the plastic cocks. The next scene features an older blonde in a Jacuzzi. She jerks off a bit, then her guy, Leo, arrives. Leo is a stringy old biker who has a bit of wood trouble. Eventually, he resorts to fingering her as the two sit facing each other on the bed. She lies back and lets him have his way. /His way involves her pussy lips closing around his wrist as he gives her a hellacious fisting.

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