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Tush Heave

Tush Heave

Released Jun 01st, 1998
Running Time 120
Director Seymore Butts
Company Seymore Butts' Home Movies
Cast Tom Byron, Halli Aston, Tim Knight, Alisha Klass, Sean Michaels, Wendy Knight, Samantha Stylle, Seymore Butts
Critical Rating AAAAA
Genre Gonzo



Your store should offer this entire line, from the first Shane title to the latest with the Tushy Girls. Seymore Butts fans, honestly, don\'t accept substitutes.


Seymore Butts lives in a fairy tale world. This world is populated with enchanting nymphs, elves and pixies, all of whom love to get fucked in the ass. There are giants (like Sean Michaels) to be laid low; ravenous wolves (like Tom Byron to be outwitted; and the occasional frog prince (Ron Jeremy) waiting to be kissed (though not in this edition, thank the Fates). There's even a wicked stepmother (Seymore's mom) who makes regular phone-in appearances.

All this is fanciful, but in a very real sense it's also true. Seymore has done much more than carve out a niche for himself in a market that's expanding faster than the fabric of space/time. he has managed - and perhaps this feat alone earns him a place as Joseph Campbell's 1,001st face - to create a truly unique gonzo series. Give that labor to Hercules, and see how he fares, if you don't believe it, ask a real Seymore fan to name another series like it. The answer is: There isn't one.

That's not to say there aren't other excellent gonzo directors; certainly there are. What makes Seymore's product stand apart is, quite simply, the life in these vids. Again, it's the fairy tale in action: Seymore lives in this great house with several gorgeous girls hanging around who seem to have nothing better to do than beg to get fucked in the ass. If you round the corner into Seymore's spare bedroom, you'll likely find three or four people gong at it full-tilt. When Seymore hears a noise in the middle of the night, it isn't an earthquake or a burglar... it's someone stopping by  to screw, and Seymore's never upset because he knows he's gonna get a piece.

The most amazing thing is that there's nothing sleazy or lascivious about all of this. Everyone is having such a genuinely good time, it's easy to forget that it's stage, which isn't to imply that the sex ain't hot, nasty and spontaneous, because it is. Watch Klass pulling Sean Michaels' cock from Samantha Stylle's ass so she can deep throat it, and you'll see. In fact, you'll wish you were in the room, and that's after only the first few minutes of Tushy Heaven.

Porn is about fantasy, but usually it's about the inspiration of fantasy; the porn viewer takes the image and uses it to build him- or herself a scenario. Seymore's tapes are different in that you just wish you could jump right into that magic, insatiable, pansexual world,. In the same way that starry-eyed kids in 1977 wanted to be Luke Skywalker, horny porndog adults want to be Seymore Butts. Hell, I want to be Seymore Butts. I mean, just look at these girls.

Unfortunately, this laid-back style has also made this one of the most frequently-overlooked series by so-called adult critics, like me. Personally, I have never seen a bad Seymore tape (well, the Kathy Willets volume kinda sucked, but that's beside the point). I always expect his product to be excellent. It finally occurred to me I have never put that in print.

So why this particular tape? Simply put, if the bulk of the Seymore/Shane, Seymore/Taylor, Seymore/Alisha/Samantha volumes are soundly excellent (which they are), then Tushy Heaven is a notch above even those lustrous editions, approaching sheer perfection. Every scene in this scorching,  ass-fucking,  squirting-pussy bonanza is worthy of nomination in a whole slew of categories, and look for both Klass and Stylle to be serious contenders for Best New Starlet at next year's awards show. Newcomer Halli Aston is no small part of this sexual equation, either, and her performance here is a sure indication that this girl is one to watch. (One bittersweet note: This is your first and last chance to catch Halli with her delightful, natural tits, so get 'em while they're hot.)

Tushy Heaven is one of the finest tapes Seymore has ever released. In this case, all the pieces of a puzzle - that usually looks great anyway - came together exactly right. Butts is going to have to clean some pretty impressive stables to top this.

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