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Retailers who do well with Private-style import erotica will score here. Those interested in ordering can contact Nova at the number above.


Each of these titles is a winner, but the standout is Changed, which features the wildly-enhanced form of Dolly Buster and the exotic Euro-beauty Anastasia, both of whom are modestly described in the box copy as erotic "megastars." The dialogue is dubbed in German, but not matter. This little potboiler's plot isn't too tough to figure out. It seems Buster has just acquired a magic ring, and when she turns it, presto chango, she transforms into Anastasia. Given the fact that Buster is a very Teutonic blonde and Anastasia is on the far side of swarthy, the post-switcheroo difference in appearancemake is considerable enough to amke the gimmick sorta work.

The one both ladhave hav in common is that they like to fuck. (Go figure.) Buster gets things rolling with a well-done early-morning butt-fuck with a buff-out Euro-dude who's a few levels prettier than she is. Then her Anastasia alter-ego shows up and also catches a dose of salami in the ol' posterior portal. you get the idea. good stuff.

Buster Booster  features more of the same, with the difference being "plot," which is, this time a little harder to figure. Suffice it to say that there's a hoity-toity house party where everybody gets some. More butt-fucking, with a nice ration of d.p. debauchery thrown into the mix.

Dance Floor doesn't quite hit the same highs as the otehr two titles here, but the heat rendered is still considerable. Well-crafted Euro-smut available from Nova Productions.

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