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Back in the USA

Back in the USA

Released Feb 01st, 1998
Running Time 84
Director Anna Malle
Company Anna Malle Productions
Cast Infinity, Joe (I), Mike Majors, Anna Malle, Laurie Lust, Eric (I), Hank Armstrong, Rain (I), Erica (I), Victoria (I), Priscilla (I)
Critical Rating AA 1/2
Genre Gonzo



I'm a friend of Anna Malle's, and I don't want to hurt her feelings, but this isn't her best work.  The direction is fine, but the camera work isn't up to par.  I felt as if I were watching a long ad for dance clubs all over the country.  At different points in the picture, Anna goes through video stores and sex toy shops, just showing us what they have.  I got to thinking: Am I watching a sex video or the Home Shopping Club?

The action starts in Ohio, at a dirtbike race.  We need K.C. Moore, a cute blonde with adorable tits who gives adequate oral.  Unfortunately, once we meet K.C.'s girlfriend Laurie Lust, they don't do anything.  It's just a lot of boring touching.  While that's going on, Anna takes care of Mike Majors, with a little b.j. help from K.C.  The sex here is typical Anna, hot and extreme.  And hey, Anna uses a condom!

They leave the woods for a hotel room, and some anal porking.  Moore does a decent scene with Majors until the anal, at which point she goes to sleep.  No moans, no chatter, nothing.  I'm not even sure she was breathing.  Again, the cameraman missed a ton of reaction shots.  However, they did do some cool shooting using the mirrors on the walls.  The climax is a non-facial pop-shot.  That's like wasting it!

Next, we're off to Connecticut with Priscilla and John.  This is a match made in heaven.  John is a big guy with hair the size of Mr. Marcus' pre-cut afro.  They interact well, but there are almost no penetration shots.  There's a decent b.j., and some domination with John ripping Priscilla's stockings across her snatch.  It's a power thing.  Anna occasionally jumps in just to please the other woman.  Anna's a pro, and provides some decent action, but they missed the pop.  Oops.

Finally, we have a hottie, but not enough of her.  Infinity, from North Carolina, is ready to take on Anna, but she only receives.  Anna does all sots of things to her: fingers her, licks her asshole.  Infinity enjoys herself, but doesn't return the favor.  What kind of vid is this?  There's no reciprocal g/g, but watching Anna give her the strap-on doggie-style saves this one.

We're now introduced to Erica and Eric.  They're a happy couple, she is a doll, and she can perform.  Erica has one of the nicest-looking assholes, she's shaved, and she's hot.  The action is acceptable, with Anna again jumping in to give Erica head while she's blowing Eric.  Finally we get a facial cumshot on someone besides Anna, and Erica sucks it down!  She could make a good go of it in the industry, but Eric is a little weak.  Maybe with a little practice, he'd make it too.

Last but not least, we meet Victoria and Rain, a cute, swinging couple.  Despite the fact that she is much too think, and he looks like the Lone Ranger's "faithful Indian companion, Tonto," this scene is basically the best of the bunch.  There's plenty of action between the ladies, and Anna finally gets a girl to go down on her.  Victoria is an animal, taking on both Anna and Hank Armstrong.  This is the type of action I wanted to see all the way through the video.  Hank pops all over Victoria, and Rain (after some masturbating) does it on her tits.

Anna, you can do better.  Editor Robyn Pillage probably could have used some better footage to work with, the lighting is okay at best, and whoever shot camera needs to capture more close-up in-your-face action.  Don't shoot entire rooms: We don't care what the walls look like!  If you have Anna Malle fans, stock this one, otherwise it's just a few new girls in a few new places.

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