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This Editor's Choice video and AVN winner for Best Video stars Rocco Siffredi and tells the story of the ancient city of Buda, where wealthy gangsters reside. All that is left after communism leaves Hungary is gangs, guns and girls; this fuels the town's primal urges, which explode all over the screen. The sex is sizzling, especially Siffredi and Ursula Moore's scene, which won an AVN award for Best Couples Scene.

This two-disc special edition DVD set has some great extras, there is behind the scenes footage, bonus scenes, cast bios, a fetish menu, a photo gallery, productions notes, commentary by John Stagliano and an Evil Angel filmography. Unfortunately, the quality isn't as excellent as the rest. The picture is dark and grainy with all over pixelation and large patches of color moire. The bountiful extras help to make up for the picture quality.

As for the sound, it's very good and clear.

Unless it were some action-adventure extravaganza lensed against the exotic locale of a Pier 1 Imports knick-knack shelf, Buda might be the average Joe's last choice for a porn feature title.  But as a vehicle for unparalleled sexual stimuli with inestimable wank opportunities, Buda has to be almost first on the list of modern adult classics.

Some delicious irony prevails in all of this, because Buda, to a great degree, represents a style reminiscent of Stagliano's pre-Buttman days at Evil Angel, when noirish fantasies like Mystic Pieces were being casually flipped off by some of the brighter lights in the adult industry.  Wonder what the prevailing consensus would be now?

Not to put the dig in too deeply, but with the possible exception of Face Dance, Buda may be the best thing that Stagliano's ever done, and, in view of his extraordinary track record, that would be saying something.  There's certainly a lot of evidence to support this contention.

Buda, a tale of thugs, three-ways, murder, fishnet bodysuits and lotsa anal sex in the city of Budapest, incorporates the film-look for those gritty moments noir delicately savors.  More importantly, though, it takes the high dive into the Hungarian gene pool.  From lead actress Holly Black, who plays a gangster's moll, all the way down, this may have the most inspired casting of female talent ever enjoyed in one project.

As if this would come as any surprise, each of the ladies owns a butt that approximates a ripened melon on the verge of explosion.  Every sex scene is depicted in unflinching ass-reality, underscored by pulsating, jazzy ass-music; and every crease, thrust and nuance of body language is hyperbolically sexual in its calculations.  Women don't just walk from point A to point B in this picture: They sashay with that cocky, ass-strutting fluidity that made Jayne Mansfield an icon.  The photography treats the female anatomy like the work of art that it is, and every porthole entry is lent an exhilarating wide angle close-up that bequeaths brand new meaning to the word interactivity.  In other words, the viewer feels like he's really got his hands up a woman's ass.

And Rocco certainly has his hands occupied when it comes to butt.  The Italian Stallion is sucked into a web of Budapestian intrigue when Black flees her controlling gangster boyfriend Mishi (Mike Foster), and lands smack dab, mid-orgy, up to her keister (literally) in a sex movie being directed by Rocco.  Things get particularly nasty when the bad guys show up and someone gets whacked at point-blank range, not to mention the fact another guy makes a critical statement by smashing Stagliano over the noggin with a bottle.  It's here that Stagliano assumes the Gabby Hayes role and never lets up: "Hey, Roy, let's get them wagons outta here before them Apaches come over the pass!"

But, because of his obsession with Black, who he initially thinks is an agency actress, Rocco pays Stagliano's continual hurricane advisories no heed.  His foolhardiness lands the boy in a series of situations that have the words anal sex written all over them.  In the real world, Rocco would probably be floating at the bottom of the Danube.  Here, he gets to fuck Mishi's sister in the ass at a club populated by some scary-looking women (?) who might be there for an Eddie Van Halen lookalike contest.  As one would suspect, Rocco finally gets to buttfuck the girl of his dreams.  But not before he makes a pit stop with blonde Emanuel where, after some incredible adagio splits, he practically pushes his dick through her ass and out her belly button, then squeezes her butt non-stop as though it were a concertina.

O Solo Mio.

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