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It was only a matter of time before somebody ponied up the funds to make an adult film that was every bit as good as, if not better than, the droves of low-budget, softcore "thrillers" that pollute late-night cable.  That might not sound like much of a compliment, but in the case of Private's magnificent Operation Sex Siege, it is high, high praise.  This film (that, in itself, is a rarity for Private) is an extremely sexy mixture of La Femme Nikita, Mission: Impossible, and Speed 2.  In fact, that last might be an unkind comparison; it's actually better than Speed 2.

Director Nic Cramer has managed to deliver a fairly taut, genuinely exciting action-porno flick with all the fucking, sucking, explosions, knife fights and bloodletting that you could ever want.  If all that sounds a little incongruous, think about any successful espionage film over the years; consider the Bond films, for example.  The two driving forces behind that long-running film series have always been hard-hitting action and beautiful babes falling into bed with our hero for no adequately explained reason.  Like it or not, spy films depend on the basic tenet that sex and death will sell them.  With that in mind, Operation Sex Siege should sell very well.

Oh, sure, the plot's a bit muddled.  This is partly due to occasionally poor sound quality, and partly due to an occasionally poor script.  Certainly the story requires more concentration than the average porn viewer is accustomed to expending on an adult film.  One problem is the late arrival of the main character, who first appears almost half an hour into the movie.  The first thirty minutes are spent following Dina Jewel, a busty beauty who does a very good job of playing a very bad girl.  When Chris DeMay finally shows up as mercenary good-guy Cody Porter, you suddenly realize you've been rooting for the wrong people.

Truthfully, these are minor complaints.  There are holes in the plot, but compared to most adult films, OSS is a thesis in logic.  The most amazing thing is that all this comes without sacrificing the sex.  There's something for every taste here, and all of it well done: If you like couples-style sex, there's a smoldering, tender Paris flashback (ironically, had by two of the bloodthirsty terrorists).  Prefer girl/girl?  There's a great lesbian three-way on a cruise ship.  Like things a little nastier?  There's an award-worthy orgy featuring tons of nasty anal.

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