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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Jim Holliday\'s movies have a strong and vocal following. Find them, and youo\'ve got a captive audience.


Having abandoned (for the moment) naked sororities, naked cheerleaders, naked nurses, and naked gymnasts, Jim Holliday has now turned his attention to the world of naked sportscasting. Like a libidinous version of Ring Lardner Jr., the pundit of the pudendum brings his signature style to the subject with almost religious zeal.

MPTG mixes country bumpkin humor, multi-partner pile-ups, and convoluted diatribes on his pet peeves while doing riffs on mainstream shows like Arli$$ and Sports Night. Imagine Jerry Maguire or Bull Durham... minus the high-powered Hollywood talent. Then throw in a lot of gratuitous butt-fucking. If you haven't caught our drift by now, forget it--this synopsis is already probably longer than the actual script itself, and all you really need to hear about is the humping.

There are twelve carnal couplings in this feature and most of them are very good. Naturally, (well not quite so naturally) Jill Kelly plays the lead and performs the hottest scenes. As Becky Ann Nordstron, a farm-fed girl on the fast track to stardom as the first topless TV announcer, Kelly is smart, sassy, and bewitching. As the main pussy on parade, she is simply a great fuck. Whether grappling with girls or in threeways (with Hank Armstrong and Anna Malle, or Tom Byron and Rebecca Wild) Jill is a classy, hot sex entertainer.

The vid is peppered with numerous encounters only tangentially related to the mail plot, but some of those are noteworthy, too. An exterior sequence with Ian Daniels and Kimberly Jade, anally straddled across a fence post, will put a lump in your overalls, while a similarly-inclined rectal rendezvous between Steve Hatcher and Nellie Pierce will produce equally heated results. Why Jill never takes the buttilicious plunge with farm hand Bret Wolf--yet accepts a dildo up her rear flank--is never quite addressed.

As to why this well-marketed, quality tape didn't get a higher rating, we cite two main factors: supporting starlets who can't deliver the nuances of Holliday's dialogue because they don't even understand what his game is... and egregiously loose editing, which could have (partially at least) saved said mediocre performances.

For the concept and the sex, MPTG is batting a very high average. Plaaay ball!

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