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The Villa

The Villa

Released Oct 01st, 2002
Running Time 116
Director Andrew Blake
Company Studio A Entertainment
Cast Justine (I), Tara Radovic, Nika, Elsa Versus, Kyla Cole
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2
Genre Film



Stores can be joyed by the fact that a prosecutor would have to be brain damaged to attempt to prosecute this film.


It never hurts to open your movie with a beautiful woman,sucking on another's supine tit, under textured lighting with a percussive rhythm and a few horns in the background... but Andrew Blake is about nothing if not stylistic eroticism.

Because let's face it: The women are only partly the stars of a Blake film. Nearly as important are the languid (and deceptively precise) camera moves, Raoul Valve's superb jazzy soundtrack, the framing of each image, the locale in which it's shot, the lighting... the whole ten yards.

On the other hand, when you get to the second "scene" — perhaps "scenario" would be more descriptive — watching box cover gal Kyla Cole gyrating her hips by a stone fence in the garden, in front of the mini-waterfall, seductively rubbing her tits and pussy, you'll simply want, to quote Barbara Streisand's character in Nuts, just to lay back, relax and let your mind go south.

Another director recently observed that you don't sit in your easy chair alone and jack off to a Blake film; you sit on the couch with your significant other and watch the film until you're both so horny, you run into the bedroom and (assuming you make it that far) make hot, passionate love like rutting hyenas (assuming hyenas make hot, passionate love).

We're not so sure we agree. Take the third "scene," for instance, and observe the blonde woman without the mustache (!). Blake creates the fleeting characters of the predator (the blonde with the mustache) and the frightened ingenue, which characters last just long enough for some hot, wet (and we do mean wet) kissing to take place... and for the seductor to strap a Lucite dildo to the other one's thigh, with its ball head just entering her pussy lips... and then walk away. Huh? (Never mind; it doesn't matter — except that erotic self-stimulation by the viewer is a definite possibility.)

We suspect that the type of movie one apprises The Villa to be may depend on where one walks in on it. If one's first look were, for instance, Scene Four, with the two brunettes in a columned hallway, pleasuring each other up against a huge fresco, and then later on the floor of the same gallery with another Lucite dildo, one might get the impression that this film is one long seduction... and one wouldn't necessarily be wrong.

What would be wrong, however, is to take too seriously the box cover copy's use of the phrase "your fetish delights" in describing what these incredibly beautiful women "seductively reveal." Sure, there's a bit of leather in the attire, some vinyl, some fur, some nylon, some smoking, some shaving, a few smacks to the ass, and lighting that would make even Helmut Newton proud, but "fetish" is a word that's likely to put off more viewers than it attracts — and everyone who has the remotest erotic bone in his/her body really needs to bask in the sunshine of this picture.

But, frankly, we're a bit tired of trying to describe in words this incredibly beautiful but visual artwork. Robert Heinlein once envisioned a form of art in the future that would consist entirely of a series of moods arranged in a logical and seemingly inevitable pattern. Andrew Blake comes as close as we've seen to the fulfillment of that prediction.

Anyway, pre-nom this for just about everything: Best Director — Film (Blake); Best Cinematography (Blake); Best Art Direction — Film (Blake); Best Editing — Film (Blake); Best Music (Valve); Best Tease (all the women — hell, the whole movie is one long tease; that's the point!); Best Location (various villas around Frascati, Italy) (oops; we don't have that category) and, of course, Best All-Sex Film.

Award-winning director Andrew Blake's latest film stars a spectacular beauty named Kyla Cole. In true Blake form, this film is highly sexual with some fetish undertones and it's filled with gorgeous women, breathtaking scenery and an outstanding musical score.

The DVD quality is also amazing. The colors are vibrant and true with flawless audio and in Dolby 5.1 surround sound. The picture itself is sharp and clean with only a minute amount of pixelation.

Although there are few extras, also included on the DVD is a featurette entitled Burgundy Satin starring Angela Crystal.

Overall, this is an exceptional DVD, both in quality and content.

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