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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Trespass into Torture

Trespass into Torture

Released Jan 01st, 2003
Running Time 60
Director Jen X
Company B&D Pleasures
Cast Bebe Liciouse, Master Aaron, Eva Lux
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2
Genre Specialty



Fans of capture, struggle, fantasy rape, humiliation and BDSM should thoroughly enjoy this movie.


Women’s groups may piss and moan over this gruesome attack and kidnap video reminiscent of early '80s horror movies, but let `em. This is a nom-worthy Best Specialty Tape – BDSM.

The story sets itself up as serial kidnapper Master Aaron, tattooed and dressed as a hick, is spying on his next morsels. Enter the victims, believably played by Eva Lux and Bebe Liciouse as they go on a little nature hike, oblivious of the dangers that lie ahead.

Liciouse, a pretty brunette with a round ass and natural tits, decides she needs to stop for a piss break. Stepping off the beaten path, she squats in the grass only to be pounced upon by "Dueling Banjo" boy, Aaron. Lux, the taller and more slender of the two, is too busy screaming her head off in fright over being left alone in the woods to notice that her friend just isn’t there anymore.

What follows is a series of torments inflicted on Liciouse by Aaron, who was genuinely born to play this role. His device of choice is an odd-shaped knife with a hook on the edge, which he continuously uses to cut away every shred of clothing on little Liciouse’s body. Aaron uses what’s left of her rags to gag her before she has a chance to annoy him further. Aaron spends a lot of time playing with the knife around Liciouse’s nipples before running the blade along her body in a frighteningly erotic way. He spends a lot of quality time with Liciouse before concentrating on the more vocal Lux.

A truly realistic (although brief) chase through the woods ensues as Aaron tries to capture the lithe Lux. Lux screams in terror before she happens upon a bound and barely struggling Liciouse. Liciouse seems to be exhausted from her encounter with Aaron and can scarcely warn Lux of her impending doom, giving her that knowing eye, but Lux is too confused by what she sees. Lux stops to think for a moment, but it’s a moment too long. Her hesitation gives the hulking Aaron the time he needs to tackle her to the ground. The short but effective wrestle of Lux is only distracting by the obvious concern the actor bestows upon his actress. As real as this video tries to be, you can see where care has been taken for the safety of all involved but it barely makes a difference as you are soon plunged back into the scene.

Once Aaron has bound Lux, he then torments her with the same attention he has given previously to Liciouse. Aaron doesn’t take quite as long with Lux as he did with Liciouse, maybe because her titties were so much smaller and there was less for him to play with, but he made up for it by licking her. After licking Lux, Aaron moves on to lick Liciouse. First he licks the girls here and there, then the fat tongue finds a spot or two that will just give some viewers the creeps. The licks aren’t sexy at all, but eerie and lascivious... very icky and very effective.

Things get even more interesting as Aaron then shackles the girls to tree limbs, which they carry on their shoulders during their naked walk through the woods. Aaron makes the girls lie down on a bed of leaves before using fairly large branches as makeshift leg spreaders. The girls can barely move an inch with all their restraints, giving Aaron the opportunity to slash them a few times with a twig. He then proceeds to dry hump Lux, giving this viewer a real creepy "wanna sleep with my lights on" feeling. He then plays around some more with his favorite knife before urinating on both victims.

As if things couldn’t get worse for the girls, Aaron takes them back to his trailer’s outdoor boudoir for a bit of heavy S/M play. Here, Aaron takes out whips and floggers in order to inflict more pain and punishment. Both girls are now totally exhausted from their ordeal and Aaron lets his guard down. Alas, this is his big downfall as he has taken too much time to play with Liciouse and has given Lux the time she needed to recuperate. Lux escapes and then taking a razor blade she... Oh, go buy the movie already.

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