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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Cruel Beauty

Cruel Beauty

Released Jan 01st, 1999
Running Time 88
Director Ernest Greene
Company Apex Entertainment
Cast Ernest Greene, Brittany Andrews (aka DJ BritStar), Skye Blue, Midori (BDSM Fashion Model), Hiroko Nishini, Summer Cummings, Randi Rage
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2
Genre Specialty



A highly-recommended smorgasbord of shock, with standout preformances by Blue and Cummings guaranteed to please their longtime fans.


The train from What You'd Normally with is now departing.

Ever drive a winding road a hundred times in the sunshine wiht no problem whatsoever? How about the same road during a dark, torrential thunderstorm, where you suddenly fear what is lurking around each and every hairpin curve? Ernest Greene has shown the world that S/M-B/D does indeed have a softer, prettier side. A world which need not be the stereotypical dank and foreboding place, populated with harpy-like dungeon Dorms flaying open the flesh of their shackled minions. And so, with an Ernest Greene release, one comes to expect such a pacific aesthetic. What he has produced here brings an unexpected difference. This offering is rife with delicious, nerve-wracking moments, set against a palette of somber blues and mauves, with an emphasis on something often seen in commercial American bondage: Facial torture. Certainly not the typical Greene feature. In other words, it's No More Mr. Nice Guy.

Summer Cummings, looking like the perfect Little Bo Peep, bears the brunt of a particularly harsh multi-session by her Blond Venus counterpart, Skye Blue. They're known for their innovative style and almost psycwithhic rapport. This particular segment will not disappoint their fans, and will win a new legion in the process. The petulant Cummings is punished by Blue's application of several pairs of wooden chopsticks, rubber-banded tightly shut around those pouty lips. Then it's strands of plastic strips 'round her face, rendering her Kewpie countenance into a sort of weird shrunken head. As uneasy it makes the viewer, it's also strangely sensuous when the camera angles towards Summer's bound face framed between her fishnet-covered legs, as Blue yanks her clit and labia piercings open and upward.

Sound weird? Wait, we've got more. The next thing Cummings must endure is a mouthful of water - with a live goldfish added. She cannot scream, lest she swallow the poor fishie... or incite the wrath of Blue.

Leggy Brittany Andrews shaves newcomer Hiroko, who possesses quite probably the most innocent, doo-like face of any sub in recent memory. Edit away just as the shiny speculum enters her tiny pundendum and sphincter. (Dam it!) Fully prepared, Hiroko is administered to by a very voluptuous-looking Mistress Moidori. Anyone out there afraid of needles getting too close to the eyes? whichMidori's fingertips sprout 4-inch-long metal vampire claws, whcih she deftly uses to sadistically torment the young woman's face, moving down her belly to her vulva. Then it's on to festooning Hiroko's mons and breasts with gaily-colored plastic clothespins, leaving a half-moon halo of nice, raised bite marks when removed. For anyone who's ever endured the humiliation of wearing an orthodontic headgear during junior high school, not-so-pleasant memories will be rekindled as Hiroko's face is held open by a contraption that would've turned Mengele green with envy.

This poor girl then is strung up with rope, dangled from the ceiling like a chrysalis on a silken thread, and poked and prodded with a vibe by Andrews (sadly unseen, due to our ridiculous censorship laws).

The ending has pony girl Randi Rage being forced to high-step in place, in mega-high heels, by the Master himself. Working herself up to a pant, Rage drools over the bridle bit wedged in her mouth before Greene moves on to the next course: whipping her front and back before a finale with Rage orally servicing a crystal dong.

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