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On the Edge 49

On the Edge 49

Released Mar 01st, 1999
Running Time 70
Director Kym Wilde
Company RedBoard Video
Cast Kitty Dane, Kym Wilde, Inari Vachs, Heaven Leigh
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2
Genre Specialty



Recommend this without reservation to fans of the series or genre


What pact with whom has Kym Wilde sealed to ensure that her On the Edge series is consistently exceptional? There are few perfect or near-perfect S/M videos in existence, but Wilde keeps adding to the small number that are to be found.

OtE49 is yet another massive endorphin-soaked head rush during Wilde's multi-tape play session. OtE49 leaves no question about who is the goddess of S/M video switches. Once again, she shows her enthusiastic versatility by both bottoming and topping with a feline ease that's hypnotic to watch. Whether viewers are tops, bottoms or switches themselves, Wilde's work is once again a sexy instructional video on how to play hard and have fun.

OtE49 features three major scenes between Wilde and this video's guest play partners. The tape starts off in the middle of the action, with Wilde restrained on an impressive bondage bed with a lovely Inari Vachs circling her while barking orders and radiating disapproval. With enough abuse, Wilde may obey Vachs, but at no time could she accurately be considered genuinely submissive. Such is the nature of her charm. The brunette SAM (Smart-Ass Masochist) seethes, smolders and punches her Mistress' buttons with glee throughout the entire scene, even when it results in a spill from a chair, a slapped face, pulled hair and a mouth full of spit. There's something exciting about a bottom with plenty of fight in her!

Wilde begins to release that same abundance of feist in her next scene with the subdued and soulful-eyed Heaven Leigh. Apparently being Mistress Inari's favorite slave has its privileges, including holding a certain amount of dominion over the domestic serving girls. Instead of cleaning and preparing Wilde's bath as ordered, Leigh has been admiring her lovely face in the wall mirror. She puts up no fight when Wilde instructs her to use her own body as a cleaning rag and slide around the Grecian tub platform, soaping the marble surface with her skin. Leigh's docility and almost heart-breaking resignation to her place as domestic slave generates sparks when contracted with Wilde's imperial bearing and smoldering self-control.

It may be this very self-control that makes Wilde's work so powerful. Whether she's giving or receiving a lashing, there's always the feeling that beneath that intensely-focused discipline burns a barely controlled beast constantly testing the strength of its cage.

Perhaps nowhere is this better displayed than in OtE49 final scene between Wilde and her supplicant, Kitty Dane. Dane dreams of worshipping Wilde in whatever way she is permitted, and so the two have met secretly at an S/M club where Dane makes her interests known. Dane, however, has not bargained on the intensity of her dream Mistress, and gets more than she expected. Wilde wants more than a pretty girl to lick her boots and tell her how beautiful she is. Anyone who thinks they can simply speak sweet words to Wilde and then call themselves her property had better be ready to not only give a few licks, but take them. As the scene progresses, Dane realizes she's in deeper than she anticipated. Her reactions to Wilde's dominance are perfect, at times ecstatic, at times near tears. One moment Dane's glossy hair is being stroked and kissed and the next moment her face is being slapped, her hair pulled, her mouth stuffed with her own panties. Not content with that, Wilde commands her pretty kitty to purr while she tends to her with alternatively gentle and brutal hands. If Wilde is a goddess, she is the goddess Kali, savage, abusive, loving and powerful.

The On the Edge series is unquestionably a "must-see" for serious S/M enthusiasts and On the Edge 49 is an especially high point in a succession of high points. It's impressive enough when an S/M video really hits the mark (if you know what I mean), but it's amazing when it can do so consistently. Whatever price Wilde got for her soul, the viewers are reaping the benefit.

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