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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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The charts tell us this is one popular series, so stock with confidence. The enticing cover shot of Vachs, about to be ravaged by the guys, won\'t exactly hinder movement, either.


While the tape's first 'bang takes a while to reach a fever pitch and the second one never quite does, both ultimately give your customers more, uh, bang, for their bucks with their (respectively) raunchy and extremely raunchy money shots.

The set-ups for both are quite wicked too. Mike John plays a loser, who, up to his eyeballs in debt to mob types, raises money by peddling his spouse's (Inari Vachs) and daughter's (Maren Beautte) flesh for dough to —who else?— the good ol' gangbang guys.

After breaking into John's house and pretending to rough him up, Mr. Marcus and his crew swarm all over Vachs, who demonstrates once again that few starlets look as good aggressively attacking bone as she does. Following a bit of fairly generic fucking, Vachs really comes alive during some pretty damn fierce anal and d.p. action. But even those moments pale in comparison to the very dirty denouement when all eight swordsmen absolutely drown her comely kisser in a massive downpour of spent sploonge, leaving it with a thicker glaze than your local Winchell's would.

The second grope, featuring Beautte and blond Brit Layla Jade, lacks the intensity of the first, in large part because neither girl is as hot a performer as Vachs.

But is all, well, cums together during the inspired and varied money shot sequence inside a squalid porta-potty. One guy, for instance, yanks his tool out of Jade's pussy and blows all over Beautte's perfectly positioned mug. Another dude shoots in Beautte's cunt, from which the spent goo then drips onto Jade's extended tongue. A third Joe, meanwhile, squirts on the toilet seat, then has Jade lick it up and dribble it into the mouth of Beautte who in turn dribbles it back into the mouth of Jade. Space limitations bar further detail, but you get the picture.

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