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Oh, most definitely cult. Though the story\'s a little better than the sex, the weird-ness factor is a major draw


It probably wouldn't hurt to make your customers take a taste test before allowing them access to this vid. Forrest Gump and Jerry Maguire, or Dr. Butcher M.D. and The Wizard of Gore -- ask them which is the double bill most likely to set their jockeys to burn?

Those who select the latter duo are the ones who'll psychotically adore the late-'60s/early-70s cult/camp/horror look and sensibility of Recula. Atmospheric lighting by Titus Moody, cheesy costumes, bucket-loads of blood and a collection of true-life freaks who deliver the worst acting this side of Keanu Reeves comprise a mayor part of the tape's charm.

As it opens, a scientist and his lab assistant Donita are puzzled. Why is a big wooden cross lodged into the rectal area of the mummified body they're examining? Nothing to do but yank it out and investigate, which causes a reanimation effect. The mummy becomes the massively-implanted Countess Recula (Chanté), who turns Donita into her slave with a double-headed dildo ride.

But the girls' bonding tryst isn't really private. Spying on them is a religious nut and his midget daughter, Bridgette Powerz. Daddy recognizes the Countess ("It's the scars on her breasts, just like in the Bible") and realizes his mission is to put an end to her evil before she breeds,. After a hearty rendition of Amazing Grace from Powerz, they tail the Countess to a goth club. Dad's turned away at the door, but Powerz pisses on the ground, shakes herself dry and manages to sneak inside.

What she witnesses is a group scene that includes Donita, the Countess, Bruno and a cadaverous guy who throws his legs into the air and chews on his foreskin, auto-fellating until he blows all over his own face. There's also Frankenchrist, with his long, tattooed dick. He and Bruno ass-fuck the Countless, in order to fertilize her eggs. She plops them out, and they hatch into her daughters/brides Jennifer Leigh, Sue Johnson and Ariel. The girls indulge in a little newborn lez lovin', but there's not much time. A slightly overlong ritualistic blood orgy is held to celebrate the birthing, and Powerz succumbs to temptation, stripping and very enthusiastically making her way into nearly every coupling. Dad, meanwhile, has found her by sniffing out the trail of urine, barges into the club, and with a cry of "Die, you whore of Babylon," he shoves the cross up the Countess' ass and runs as her dying squeaks begin. Same as it ever was.

The End?

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